Chapter Two He finally tell her,he love her

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Sango pov:

When I saw kagome had come back I could tell right way there was somehting going between her and inyasha that must have been really bad if they are not speaking to each other so now seem like a good time to tell them that we have been ask to take out some demons that have been coursing so trouble for a village.Which was about three day way from kaede village and we had to walk there also I'm not sure how I'm going to break the silence seen inuyasha showed up.And I still  have no clue what he did to kagome make her not even want to look at him eithteir too but I think that he need to say he really sorry for whatever he did to hurt her.But now that we have a job to do I know that this may sound really bad to ask kagome what happened between her and inuyasha as from what I can see it was really bad.I just hope that she is willing to open up to me and tell me what he could have done to hurt her so badly that she can't even say one word to seen she came back.Of course it just the two of us I know whent that happens she will tell me what happened between her and inuyasha.Also I made sure that we are paid for are job as I made sure that miroku had on part of the ask of what we should be payed.Because I know that he would just swindle the poor headman for more money than what we should get.So of course I was the one who asked what he was going to pay us and I can say it was a fair amounted.

As they set out on their way to the village that had asked for their help it was as they were walking that sango asked kagome what was going on between her and inuyasha than kagome was really reluctant to say anything at to sango.At first this being that inuyasha was in close by but soon night was falling and they need to stop for the night to make camp it was also at this time that they found hot spring they could bath in then sango suggestion that they bath this would be good time for her to tell sango everything.It was only afterward sango felt really bad after hearing what inuyasha had done to hurt kagome it was after that moment that she gave inuyasha a somewhat of death glare which scared him half to death after seeing that as for miroku,he didn't know what was going on but he was glad that he was not the one deep trouble for once.Meanwhile sesshomaru had returned to the feudal era where the spell was broken change him back to his demon form as for his swords.He had them hid behind a tree also he was not to far from kaede village as he was walking he could smell kagome scent and he had a bad feeling that she was going to be in danger he just didn't know what kind it would be just yet.

Sesshomaru pov:

When I  had turned to the feudal era I change back into my demon form also I have mansion here to  in the feudal era it a bit bigger than the one I have in the future and I open the door to look outside the wind was blowing I had bad feeling that kagome was going to be in danger I just didn't know what that would be just yet.But I knew that I should go out seen this bad feeling will not go away seen the two of us have been seeing each other behind my half breed of a brother's back so I know when he has done something to hurt kagome of course I know what he has done this time.Now with that in mind I lifted hoping that I would see her again and tell her how feel about her also I knew that when I come back I need to make sure to have a homework assignment ready for my history class tomorrow if I came in or not.As I was in the air is when I could smell kagome's scent along with the stupid half breed brothers and I knew that I had to land and walk the rest of the way hoping I could couch any change of see her beauty again.

Meanwhile kagome was trying her best to avoid inuyasha as they went on walking until they had to stop for the night and sango asked kagome if she was like go take bath in the natural hot spring that was nearby then kagome agreed also sango.Also she told miroku not peep on them for he would live to regret it and he could tell that sango was really sirius what she had said to mirok.So he knew that it better not to try anything this time around as sango and kagome made it all natural hot spring sango was hoping this would make kagome feel a bit better which it did in small way.But kagome was still mad at inuyasha for what had done also she was thinking about sesshomaru,what he must be up to right now well sesshomaru was somewhere nearby.He had feeling that kagome would finally say enough is enough and leave inuyasha for good because it was just not going anywhere.

Kagome's pov:

When me and songa were in the hot spring  I told songa what inuyasha had done to me well let say she was shocked but she could understand why I had been avoiding him whenever I saw him like today.This was when she told us about a job where demons were attacking a village that was three day way from kaede's village and at first I wanted to go so that I would have something that would take my mind off of inuyasha.As we had stop for the day as the sun was about to setted up camp when sango asked if I would like to go bath in the natural hot spring  we had found earlyer in the day just before the sun was about to setted of course I said yes,this I knew would be good time to tell her what had happened between me and iunyasha.Which I thought it was a good idea seen I could tell that she wanted to know what is going also this would take my mind off of inuyasha who look like he was about to say something as we were leaving for the hot springs but I didn't wanted hear it.So here we are now relaxing it was then I told her about what happened bewteen me and inuyash also I told her of my feeling for inuyasha older brother sesshomaru.At the time  she couldn't believe what inuyasha done and I had every right to be mad at him also she was kind of shocked to know that I had feeling for inuyasha older brother of  course she doesn't know that me,sesshomaru have been seeing each other behind inuyasha back for a while now.Also before we left for the hot spring I heard sango tell miroku not to peep on us so he took what she had said to him really seriously with that he didn't try anything that night for now.

Meanwhile miroku could tell that inuyasha was thinking about something and he could only guess that it had to be about kikyo who was still causing problems between inuyasha,kagome this was only getting worse.Seen it was just the two of them miroku knew that it would only be a matter of time when kagome has had enough.Or she just leave and never comes back but what miroku didn't know what could have inuyasha have done to make kagome so mad.If what happened between kagome,inuyasha could really sharrter any changes inuyasha would at a new love.Of course she was seeing his older brother sesshomaru and of course everyone knows that he hates humans well that change seen he had rini around him all the time also sesshomaru had fallen for kagome really bad.

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