Louis is gay

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Yeah, uhm the title of this chapter is totally irrelevant its just i haven't read this chapter in a long time, i forgot what happened, and im too lazy to read it.


  “Oooooh,” Louis cooed, towering over Harry and me.

   “Louis shut up,” I groaned, rolling over to face Harry, and then glanced over at the clock. 10 am. Why did he have to wake me up. 

  To some people, definitely not me, this may be a late time to get up. I normally sleep in until noon or 2-3 hours after, so this is like the earliest I’m ever up on holidays. Another reason why I hate school, it’s just too early.

   “C’mon guys, we’re going out for some breakfast. And then I and the rest of the boys have to do an interview. I think after that for a few days we have to go to the recording studio, and then we’re off for a day or two.” Louis told me, and since I had to get up, I got up.

   My moving around woke Harry up, I’m surprised Louis didn’t. “Good-morning,” He said, in his morning voice.

  Oh my god. His morning voice is like the second coming of Jesus. It just sounds so sexy.  “Did you hear Louis? We have to get up now.”

   “How fun.” Harry replied sarcastically, and I nodded in agreement.

   All of the boys, including James, Abby and myself all got ready to go outside. We were just going out to a coffee shop or something, so we were pretty much all wearing jeans or sweatpants and hoodies.

   “Are we walking or taking the van?” I asked, it wasn’t really that cold out so I wouldn’t mind walking.

  “Let’s walk,” Niall said. “It’s not that far away and I think Liam needs to lose a few pounds anyway.”

   Liam growled at him, they were like a cute old married couple. 

   We had arrived at a local donut shop a few minutes, or should I say hours later. It was only about a half an hour walk, but it felt like hours. I picked a booth to sit in and the rest of the ‘group’ followed. It was by a window, which I liked. And the place was hardly busy, just a few people here and there around the shop.  I sat at the end beside Zayn, and across from Abby.

  Louis had walked up to the counter and ordered us all a coffee and muffin, chocolate chip to be exact.

  “This,” I pointed to the muffin, my mouth full of the deliciousness. “Is literally like sex in my mouth.”

  We had finished eating our muffins, and we sat there for a while just talking, kicking whoever’s feet we could find under the table. It was like I was back at home, just hanging around with my friends back in Canada. This was just different people who I just met, but we were becoming really close friends already.

  “Think we should go now?” Liam pointed over to the clock, it was already almost 12.

  All of us nodded, and we had to get going because the boys would be doing an interview for Heat Magazine in 3 hours. They have to get there at about quarter after 2 to get ready and stuff. Since it’s a one direction interview, me, James and Abby would be just spending the day at our flat. To think of it, I was pretty excited. Us three really haven’t spent any time together and to share what we think about the boys and stuff.

   “How far away is the hotel?” I groaned, walking at a very slow pace.

   “About a 10 minute walk, here, hop on my back.” Louis offered, and I raised an eyebrow questionably.

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