so I'm really sorry that i haven't updated in a while but some of the stiff in my life still hasn't been fully sorted yet. but in my free time i have been writing a bit. so  here's the full chapter 6 of MY NOT SO HAPPY CINDERELLA STORY

 this new chapter is deicated to explode because she didn't deserve the thing that those guys on youtube said about her story TWISTING YOU. she is one of my favourite writers on wattpad and i recommend that u guys read her stories especially Tattooed Love and Twisting You. thank you for being an amazing writer and an inspiration.

so on to the story


Chapter 6

 We finally made it into the school and walked down the hall to the office where I could see an older lady that looked like she was in her mid 40’s sitting at the front desk. When we walked in I noticed that she had short blond hair and grey/silver eyes, a colour that I had never seen before, but they suited her.

“Hey Mrs. J, how are you today?” JJ asked her.

“Hello Jason, I’m good, you?” She asked turning away from the computer to smile at him. “Oh, hello I’m Mrs. Jenks. Are you new here?”

“Yes ma’am. My name is Andrea Cooper we talked on the phone the other day. I transferred from Prospects Academy”

“Yes, yes. I remember you. Here are your things, sorry but we don’t have a locker for you. Is there someone that you can share with?”

“She can share with me. Kyle moved into a locker that was empty because the kid moved away.” JJ spoke up.

“Okay. I trust you, since your siblings.”

“You’re the first one today. I’ve been getting death stares from all the girls today.”

“That’s funny. You two look alike. Kids these days can’t tell when people are related. You two should really hurry along though you’re going to be late for home room.”

“Actually I was planning on showing Andy around the school during first.” JJ cut in

“You’re better off going to class. Show her around during lunch.”

After I got my schedule and looked over my classes, JJ walked me to home room which was math. As we were walking through the halls he told me that our time tables were really similar. Once we got to the class, I knocked on the door waiting for the teacher to open it.

When she did open the door the smell of something sweet hit me causing my eyes to shift colours and me having an automatic pull towards it. “Jason your late” the teacher said.

“Sorry Ms. Lewis, my sister had to get all her papers. She’s new to the school and will be joining our class.” JJ replied.

“Alright what’s your name?” She asked me.

“Andrea but you can call me Andy”

“Nice to meet you Andy. Please come in and quickly take a seat.”

As we walked into the class I shut my eyes willing them to go back to their normal colour. I haven’t been a normal person ever since my 15th birthday. When I turned 15, I felt a horrible pain in all of my joints and something told me that I had to get to the forest quickly. Just as I broke through the forests edge I fell to the ground screaming in pain. I could feel my bones starting to move into different places and hair staring to form all over my body. My hearing got better along with my eye sight. After what felt like an hour the pain started to recede and I stood up on four legs instead of two. I began to run through the forest dodging trees the last possible second till I found a water fall and a small pond. I slowly walked up to the pond and looked for my reflection but all that I saw looking back at me was a snow white wolf. When I tried to scream all that came out was a howl.