Not everyone can agree on something. Whether it be your friends, or a couple politions. I even know a whole country that disagreed - The United States of America. Before my time, it was divided by failed arguments. States took sides and it became another civil war. The only problem was that they needed more soldiers. That's when they made a deal with the state of Texas. Anyone under the age of thirteen or unable to fight lived there. People under that category were underaged children, women exprecting children, a parent raising children, the old, and the disabilied. Kids over thirteen were shipped off to fight.

Now, you're probably wondering - who the heck am I? My name is Ari Matthews. I'm thirteen years old and this is my story. You might as well pay attention, because I'm only telling it once. After that, you're just going to have to wait 'til you're old enough, and make your own story. Now, I'll start with the beginning of my saga.

I was hanging out beside the fountain in front of the school. Of course, school had already let out for the day, but I was waiting for a friend to finish with after school activies. The town I lived in was the biggest: Austin. Texas was known as the Blank district, and Austin was known as the Blank town because that's where the recruiting happens. Recruiting was when a child picked the army they would fight for.

I leaned against the concrete ledge, getting impatient. The wind whipped my hair angrily. Finally, the doors opened and students poured out. Quickly, I spotted my best friend, Calista. She was wearing her uniform and carrying her violin case.

Calista, to me, was not like your average girl. She's average height, and pretty skinny. Her platium blond hair was always in her face, hiding her bright, green eyes. Her cheeks are splashed with freckles, and her skin is pale. Calista was never one to branch out and talk to people that often. Always hiding behind her hair. It wasn't until she pushed me off the monkey bars, and broke my arm when we became friends.

"Hey, Meer!" I called, waving my arms. She spotted me, and smiled. She weaved through the mob of kids to reach me.

"Hey, Ari. You ready for tomorrow?" My smiled faded a little, and I nodded slightly.

"Yeah, sort of." Tomorrow was recruiting, and you know every teenager can't wait to pick an army and fight your fellow citizens. Sound like fun! "You know what? Let's forget about that. We're going to spend our last day together - you, me and Matthias." Her smiled returned, and she nodded.

"It's going to be some much fun-" She was inturupted by a boy being pushed into her. She fell forward, bumping into me. I looked up to see a boy our age being bullied by some other kids. One guy was already trying to break up the fight, but was knocked aside. I moved in front of the attackers, a defiant look on my face.

"Dude! Seriously, we're going to war tomorrow and you're acting childish! Leave this kid alone, and grow up!" The boys glared at me, but obeyed. I turned to the victim. I somewhat reconized him.

I'd seen him around school. His jet black hair was sweeped to the left and his brown eyes were full of worry. He was smaller than most kid, skinnier and scrawnier, making him an easy target. His pale skin showed red marks from punched and kicks. Jacob Ryder didn't have a good life.

"You okay, man?" I asked, helping him up. From what I heard, Jacob's dad was dead and his mom was MIA. His little sister, Mikayla, was abducted by a group of rouge soldiers. I've seen him go to the Boy's home a couple times, so he must not have any other family.

"I'm alright." He replied, dusting off his hoodie. "Happens a lot, but I'm tough. Bullying my just shows everyone else what jerks they are. But, thanks....Ari." He finally looked up and saw it was me. He gathered up his books, and ran away towards the Boy's home, waving as he ran. That's when I remembered the other boy, the one who tried to stop the fight.

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