✯ | chapter ten

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LEILA AND BELLAMY had been searching long into the night for any sign of Charlotte or her counterparts Clarke and Finn, finding nothing as Murphy's group continued to comb the woods, out for blood and not willing to stop unless Charlotte was dead.

Leila's feet ached from all the walking she had endured, her body still not able to fully atone to the fact that she was on the ground, and that she had to actually move if she wanted to make it to places. On the Ark, it was a simple hop, skip and a jump down the nearest corridor and you were where you wanted to go.

Down here, everything was spread out so haphazardly that Leila had trouble discerning between which way was right and wrong. Her body wasn't used to all of the physical exertion, becoming breathless and wheezing within a matter of minutes. Sure, she had done minimal exercise in her cell on the Ark, but nothing could prepare her for the cold reality that down here, on the ground, you move or you die (or, in Leila's case, you die either way).

As Leila and Bellamy quietly ran through the woods, yes flashing every which way, Bellamy suddenly grabbed Leila's hips, holding her still. As she turned, she noticed a shadow that seemed to be moving. In the darkness, she was unable to see who it was, but judging by the short stature and the way the shadow moved; jumpy, like whoever it was was scared, Leila guessed that it was Charlotte.

Breaking into a run, Bellamy practically jumped on Charlotte as he grabbed her from behind. Not the best idea, considering that they were talking about a twelve year old girl who was alone in the woods, but hey, he caught her.

Bellamy's hand wrapped around Charlotte's mouth to prevent her from eliciting the scream that he had anticipated. "Shh! Shh! Shhhh."

Bellamy gripped Charlotte's wrist and began pulling her along, intending to get her out of the woods and hopefully somewhere safe. Charlotte fought against Bellamy, screaming and crying out loudly. "Let me go!"

"I'm trying–" Bellamy broke off and grabbed Charlotte as she tried to run. "Hey, hey. We're trying to help you."

"I'm not your sister! I'm not Leila! Just stop helping me!" Charlotte snapped, wrenching out of Bellamy's loosened grip and running back in the direction they had come, looking around frantically. "I'm over here!"

Leila, who had been in the middle of catching up with Bellamy and the girl, grabbed Charlotte around the waist as she attempted to dart past her. "Are you trying to get the three of us killed?"

"Just go, okay? I'm the one they want," Charlotte shouted, struggling against Leila's grip.

"Okay, Charlotte, listen to me," Leila replied, spinning the girl around and looking directly into Charlotte's eyes. "You may have murdered one of my best friends, but I won't leave you. And neither will Bell."

"Please, Leila," Charlotte pleaded, eyes wide, puppy dog style, looking behind the brunette at Bellamy. "Please, Bellamy."

She shoved past Leila, who had faltered under Charlotte's gaze, but Bellamy was quick to grab her and throw her over his shoulder. The ease of which he swung the girl up was unbelievable, though Leila assumed that it was a walk in the park with Charlotte, as he had picked Leila up in the same way nearly a week prior.

Charlotte, despite Bellamy's hold on her, kicked and screamed. "Aah! Murphy! I'm over here!"

"Come on out, Charlotte!" Murphy yelled. "Come on out!"

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