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a d r i f t

"OH, THANK GOD," I straightaway heard a sigh of relief. "This was honestly the only place left. It's seriously creepy down here but I'm glad it was worth it. We'll need to hurry, though."

What the hell?


He rushed over to me and took in the ropes at my wrists. "I can't do it on my own, can I? Will I need something sharp for this?"

Still a little astonished at the turn of events, I wordlessly nodded my head yes.

"Got it," he said and just sped out of the room.


He was back within a few moments, lugging something that looked like a butcher's knife, and that was when I thankfully regained the ability to speak. "Lewis... that one won't work."

"Too big, right? Man, I'm not cut out for this." He muttered to himself before looking back at me. "Wait here," he told me right before he doubled it back again.

As if I had a choice.

He returned with a significantly smaller knife, but it looked sharp enough so I didn't worry about it not cutting through the ropes. He positioned it appropriately just beside the knot on my right wrist before giving me a glance.

"Don't like...um, move or anything."

Wasn't going to.

I bit my tongue and waited through the few seconds it took him to cut through the ropes and then move onto the left side. Grateful as the binds slid off, I jumped out of the chair and we both moved for the door together.

"So what happened?" I asked as we rounded the turn, needing to know something, heck, anything.

"Uh, well, the usual. Got chased, nearly got killed a couple of times, got split up, started on finding you and then actually found you," summarized Lewis.

Split up?

"Wait, Lewis," I stopped suddenly, remembering something far more pressing. "Tyler's..."

"Yep," Lewis nodded sharply once with a perturbed look on his face. "When I was looking for you, I had to go through that place up front first."

I hadn't doubted it when I was sitting alone in the dark hearing his cries die out, but if the look on Lewis's face said anything, what he found couldn't have been a healthy and breathing Tyler.

He went on, "I saw what happened there and even alerted the others about it. It's not very... pleasant."

I decided to take his word for it because I sure as hell wasn't curious enough to want to go and see.

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