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 *Serenity POV*

     So, I woke up got in the shower, and picked out a out fit for school, and got dressed in some sweats since i had no one to impress (I'm 16 and a sophomore). I got in my car and drove to school.

           There was a big crowd of the so called 'cool people' was in front of the door of the school just my lucky day (not).When I was going through the crowd I heard 'loser' 'geek' 'dork'. Then I brushed aganist someone and i felt shocks and shivers ran up my spin my wolf started screaming "MATE MATE MATE!!!!!!!!!" she screeched. I looked up and saw........

           The  soon to be alpha Jacob. He just turned today 18 he's my mate a smile creeped up on my face because i had a little crush on him. Then he looked at me and walked away. My heart sank is he rejecting me? What do I do?

     So I went to my locker and got my books and went to first period math it was irritating because he was in my first period with me he sat in the back with his friends and kept glaring at me throw out the whole class period.

         Then when we got out of class i was walking in the hall and he pulled me into the closet and said, "I don't want you as a mate I don't want to settle down yet I want to have fun and live my life single. That means without you so don't say anything abut us being mates because i will deny it. Do you understand geek?" he whispered.

          I was fighting back the tears and whisper, "I understand Jacob." Then I ran to the bathroom and skipped second period and cried my eyes out in the bathroom.

      Then it felt like the day was never going to end the day just dragged on and on. 


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