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"So he's coming to pick you up?" Gabe scrolls through his phone while propping his feet up on the coffee table across from the couch.

"We're you raised in a barn? Get your feet off my coffee table!" My mother came into the room with her loud voice that could grab anyone's attention.

"You are the one who raised me so you tell me." My mother swatted his feet off the table and frantically straightened up the living room.

"Gabe respect your mother!" My father shouted from being in his office.

"Where is he taking you?" Cody chimes in from the kitchen. I swear the kitchen might as well be Cody's bedroom since he was in there all the time lurking around and snacking.

"I don't know he wouldn't tell me and trust me I tried to get him to tell me all day yesterday but he didn't budge." I routinely keep checking my phone wishing that time would go by faster then what it was.

"I can't believe you are going on a date! It's been since the Stone Age since your last date!" Gabe unnecessarily piped in to tease me which was getting on my nerves.

"Oh, and where's your date, Gabe? Oh yeah, that's right you don't have one because no one wants to go out with a little boy with a little penis!" I shot earning a dropped jaw from Gabe and a chuckle from Cody who was making some concoction in the kitchen.

"Mom!" Gabe pointed to me hoping that my mother would scold me for the rude comment but she shrugs it off instead.

"I mean you did have a small penis, I think Cody compensated for the both of you." My mother goes to pat Gabe's stomach to which Cody and I die laughing. The best thing in the world was when my mom was on your side because of what you just heard.

My head snaps up as soon as I hear a knock on the door, it must be Harry! My heart jumps and I head towards the door to go out to him.

"All of you better behave yourselves for the 30 seconds or else!" I point to my eyes and then Gabe, Cody, and my mom. I also say a little prayer in my head that they won't do or say anything that could potentially embarrass me.

I twist the knob of the front door and pull it open to see Harry in red flannel layering over a KISS band tee and black skinny jeans that let me appreciate his thighs. A pair of black sunglasses sat on the top of his head and pushed back his curly chocolate locks.

"Hey!" A smile lights up my face seeing him in my doorway looking like some Abercrombie and Fitch model.

"You ready to go?" He asks me and I nod taking his hands that he holds out for me. I walk to the side of the street to see Harry's white Audi R8 that I wanted to drool over.

"Nice whip!" I admire the glossy finish on the car and start to feel just a little bit insecure about my home and overall neighborhood. You could conclude with his car alone that he was living comfortable.

Taking the handle I opened up my door and slid into the back leather seats that still smelt like new. My hand moves against the leather and I feel the softness beneath my fingertips just as Harry shut his car door.

"Are you going to tell me where we are going now?" I click my seatbelt on because if I had learned anything from Dora as a child it was to buckle up.

"In the spirit of October and Halloween coming up, I thought we could go to a pumpkin patch." I was going to hand it to him, he was actually really creative with date planning. I would have expected a standard dinner and movie type date but he surprised me with something I would have never thought about doing.

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