Prince Harry had in fact named Meredith Rogue as his girlfriend. The first few texts were from Rachel and Chloe from their university a few hours away, and then it was her mother. Meredith's mother hadn't been paying attention to the situation around her daughter, but she alert now. Meredith didn't want to talk about it, though. Though her mother continued on to say that she would protect her daughter, Meredith didn't believe her. Harry was already trying to do that; she didn't need another person.

Leaving her dormitory, Meredith stepped outside and there weren't any paparazzi. The usual place was gone. Snow had blown around with even more snow piled up, marking the place the paparazzi should be. They weren't there. A smile spread across Meredith's lips. Looking around it honestly looked like no one was around. Maybe it was the letter or the weather, but Meredith was free again.

She sighed.

In Political Science 175, the room sat quietly for one of the first times. The teacher took this with a measured gaze. "Well, when we meet again on Thursday, half of the class will be crying."

"Trump's side," someone said.

The teacher shrugged. "I don't support the man, but anything could happen."

Meredith tried not to be too rigid. Her hope was for Hillary, but the teacher was right, anything could happen. Trump had supporters everywhere, and Meredith only had so much confidence in her countrymen. However, Meredith's mind didn't last long on the big thing happening in the U.S. today. Leaving Swenson Hall, she watched her surroundings as she headed back to her dorm. No paparazzi were around, but she couldn't trust it.

Most of the day, Meredith kept her television on with low sound. The news of the letter was all forgotten as everyone in the American media was focused on the election. It was probably good, yet Meredith waited for the other shoe to drop.

When she went to her next class, the class was incredibly silent. Rhetoric was a dry subject to begin with, but all the students waited silently as if fate would destroy them here and now. One student spoke harshly, "You know what? If Donald Trump becomes president, he needs to be shot."

Another student added, "Yeah, Pence too. He's such-- both need to--"

"Nope," Meredith groaned. Both students turned back to her. "You're wrong. I don't like Trump. I don't agree with his policies. But if you incite violence, if say he should get shot, you are stooping to his level and to the level of his supporters. You are no better then."

The first student stared at her. "Did I ask for your opinion, princess? You're going to run away and live in palace. You're not going to deal with anyone, you're not even going to work."

Meredith scoffed. "You don't need to ask for it. You're going to get it." She pushed her shoulders back. "If you're going to insult me, do it correctly, or it has no meaning. If I were to marry Prince Harry, I would be a duchess."

"I don't even care," the first student said.

"Is that why you had to get the last word?" Meredith asked, not even looking over. A smile crept up on her lips. "Please continue, Dr. Schlacks."

For the rest of the class, evil eyes were sent over to Meredith via those two girls. After all she had experienced over the past two weeks, evil eyes was easy. Also, Meredith quite enjoyed putting them in their place. Going back to her room, Meredith knew the letter wouldn't be brought up today or for a while by the American media, which was what she wanted.

With her television turned off, she waited and waited. Her stomach twisted and turned. There were Checks and Balances in the United States government; everything was going to be fine. Meredith continued to lie on her floor. With a knock on her door, she realized she hadn't locked it. But with the number of buzzes coming at her phone with states voting, Meredith didn't really care if she died now.

Tabitha came into her friend's room, setting down cookie dough, Nutella, Oreaos, frosting and ice cream on the floor. She turned on the television for the news. "We're going to lose."

"Yep," Meredith replied coolly. "What's the worst thing that could happen with Donald Trump as President of the United States of America?"

"We could die."

Meredith looked over to her friend. "Where's your positive attitude?"

"Are you going to now definitely marry Prince Harry?" Tabitha asked.

She rolled her eyes. "You can't run away from your problems. I've tried."

"But you're definitely going to say yes?"

Meredith reached over and grabbed cookie dough. "Positive attitude, Tabitha."

"Fuck that."

She nodded. "Fuck that. We're all going to die." The girls stared at the television as Donald Trump became the projected winner and then President-Elect of the United States of America.

Donald Trump finally took to the stage and the crowds went wild. "I'm looking forward to being your president over the next eight years."

"Four years!" Meredith groaned. "Twat."

"I can't deal with this." Tabitha stood up, gathering her food. "When Prince Harry asks, don't even hesitate. Say yes and make him get married on the spot."

"What if I ask?"

Tabitha scoffed and left.

Meredith lied on her floor again and stared up at the ceiling. The new President-Elect continued to speak on the television, and Meredith turned it off. She was going to be hearing that annoying voice for the next four years, if not longer, and she wasn't willing to start today. Her phone was abuzz with notifications coming in from different news sources. Meredith wished to go back to the morning, when the letter was the worst thing.

Her phone went off again. Harry texted her, Sorry. It was almost eight in the morning there, and Meredith needed to get up in five hours for class. She would have to see this again. Meredith lied on her floor, thinking that tomorrow has to be a better day.


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