My Lost Boys (A The Lost Boys Fanfiction)

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I walked into the comic book shop I work at with my two friends, Edgar and Alan Frog. I jumped up on the counter and grabbed a random comic. "Will you stop? We're trying to rearrange them." Alan asked annoyed as I grabbed one of the horror comics they were rearranging on the shelf, "No, you told me they could save my life and plus I'm bored." I told him while giving the 'Vampires Everywhere' comic back to Alan. "Then go to the boardwalk, we're slow tonight anyway." he told me not even looking at me, "You sure?" I asked but walking out without hearing a answer.

I walked around bored but not wanting to go back to the shop. I walked over to some gorgeous bikes, "Wow!" I whispered to myself barely touching the seat. "A beauty ain't it?" a voice broke my trance and I turned around to come face to face with a man dressed in all black with blonde hair and blue eyes, a guy who looked like a member of twisted sister, a young boy with blonde curly hair, and a dark haired guy stood behind him so I'm guessing they were his friends. "Yes, it's gorgeous." I told him and looked back at the bike, "Want to go for a ride?" blondie asked winking at his friends. I knew I shouldn't of went with random strangers but I couldn't stop myself from agreeing. "You can ride with me." blondie said, I got on behind him. "Hold on." he added and I tightened my grip on him as the bike roared to life.

We drove around the boardwalk, on the beach, and now we're at some cave. "You guys live here?" I asked them as I sat on the fountain and looked around. "Sure do sweetheart. Come sit right here." he patted his lap and I don't know why but I did. "So what's your name?" twisted sister asked, "I'm River, and you are?" I asked him. "I'm Paul, that's Dwayne, Marko, and the guy you're sitting on is David." Paul told me and pointed at the different guys. We sat around and talked, but mostly they asked me questions. Soon Marko came back from getting food and David passed me some rice, I got up and moved from David's lap to the fountain next to him. We ate but I barely touched my food, "I need to go home now." I told David when I saw that it was 4:23 a.m. on a clock on the wall. David and I jumped on his bike and he dropped me off at the comic book store, "Thanks for tonight, it was really fun." I told David and walked in the store to my room upstairs.

"WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT?" I woke up to a angry Edgar and Alan standing at the foot of my bed, "I met some guys at the boardwalk and they took me on a ride on their motorcycles. No big deal." I told them as I pushed them out of the way to take a shower. After I got out I put on my makeup and straightened my hair, I put on some black short shorts, a old vintage Motley Crüe shirt and my old all black hightop converse.

I walked down the steps to see Alan sitting at the register and Edgar doing whatever Edgar does. It was a boring and slow day, but it was getting late; that's when all of the fun starts. I was walking on the counter and humming when I saw familiar hair outside the window. I looked over at David, Paul, Marko, and Dwayne stood outside telling me to come outside. "Can I go out tonight?" I asked Alan, "Yeah but don't disappear again." Edgar yelled from the back of the store, I smiled and walked out to the boys. "Lets go boys." I smiled and David wrapped his arm around my waist and winked at me.

We have been walking around and Marko suggested we go on the Carousel and I get on a black horse with a purple seat. "I told you guys to stay off the boardwalk." a fat security guy told David, we walked off and rode on the bikes some more. We eventually ended up at the cave, I walked over to David's wheelchair that he always sits in and sat down just to piss him off. He walked over to me and stood blocking my view, "That's my seat." he told me with a smirk. "That sounds like a personal problem to me." I sassily replied getting more comfortable. He picked me up like I weighed nothing

and sat me in his lap, I looked up at him and he winked. "Why do you guys like to hangout with me?" I asked as we laid around and talked, "Because you're awesome and fun." Paul told me and the guys agreed. We went back to our random talk and had a good time.

Around 2 o' clock in the morning I went back to the shop and helped the guys run the shop. We eventually closed the store and went to bed. Today was amazing but I think I'm falling for David. ugh oh!


Sorry this go published before the one telling about River so yeah. I love ya guys and keep reading. Comment some ideas and tell your friends! This is a Lost Boys/ David love story. Plus go read my Dallas Winston/ The Outsiders fanfiction, Not A Average Love Story and my Ace Merrill/ Stand By Me fanfiction It All Started With Castle Rock.

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