Chapter 2

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"ill put another cup of coffee on" munch said to his squad. "Don't even bother " Cragen began, "we just got a case and hurry because there is a little girl there". The detectives got into the car and drove to Liv's  place not knowing their co worker has been raped. They approached the door and knocked. Brianne opened the door, "hello she was raped" she cired, Olivia was always so good her and to think this happened to her made very emotional.

" can lead us to the bed room?"Nick said. Brianna brought them to the bed room. Amanda and Nick saw Olivia laying in the bed. Amanda rushed over to Olivia.

"oh my God baby." Amanda said with tears in her eyes. Amanda and Olivia were like sisters, Olivia had no family and Amanda's family all stayed back in Georgia, they were the only thing they had. Fin came running in " Nick call a bus and put a rush on it".

Amanda sat in the waiting room nervously with Pasiley on her lap and Nick,Fin,Cragen, and Munch next to her. The young brunette doctor came out, walking over to Amanda,she had seen Amanda and Olivia together here on cases and had seen how close they were and felt comfortable telling Amanda her injuries. "She will be fine,however she did suffer from severe vaginal tearing, and burns, on her back, head, breast and genitals" Amanda lost it,the woman who got the label fearless in the condition, Amanda couldn't stand it, she wanted to put the needle in the bastard who did this to Liv.

When they were aloud to see her Amanda took Pasiley in and sat with her on the foot of Livs bed. "Hey stranger, Amanda started, how ha feeling?" "So much better, I can get released tomorrow." "That great Liv, I'm here if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask." "Actually, can you do me a huge favor, can you bring Pasiley to your place to night?" "Of course, don't be silly" Amanda said getting up and kissing Liv on her forehead. "We should probably get going" Pasiley not really knowing what was happening just let Amanda take her hand and walk out.

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