(Fairy Tail)Erza Scarlet x shy! Reader

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Before I get started I'll tell you what everything means. (Y/N)=Your name. (H/L)=Hair length. (H/C)=hair color. (E/C)=eye color.
Your P.O.V
I stood outside of Fairy tail, fidgeting. 'Today is the day', I tell myself. I was so excited but nervous all at once. My (E/c) eyes sparkled against the sun and my (h/l)(h/c) hair blew in the wind. Today is the day I'm going to confess my feelings to my crush.

I held a strawberry cake in my small hands. Yes, my crush we THE Erza Scarlet. I'm so worried she'll turn me down, but I'm still going to try. I take a deep breath and push open the doors to the guild hall. Everyone turned silent, smiling knowingly at me. I looked around and saw Lucy. She they pointed towards the bar and that's where I say Ezra. She had her back turned towards me, but Mira's stare and smile caused her to turn around.

As she looked at me I could feel my heart drop. Her chocolate brown eyes piercing my (e/c) eyes. I slowly began walking up to her. She stood up showing that she was a good foot taller than me. We were the same age I'm just so small.

I took a deep breath. I shoved the cake at her whispering just loud enough,"will you please go out with me". At first she didn't answer. After about 2 minutes I felt the weight of the cake being lifted from my hands. I looked up, about to say something, when I felt lips touch my in a sweet soft kiss. I didn't kiss back because of shock.

"I would love to (y/n)". I smiled hearing those words and kissed her fully this time. She kissed me back and we could hear everyone in the guild say 'awww'.

Sorry this was my first story like this. I hope you like it though.

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