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Ok so I'm going to do the first two chapter on my own but I would love to have some request. You can make requests from any of the following anime:

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Angel Beats

Attack on Titan

Black Butler

Blue Drop

Blue Exorcist

Burst Angel



Elfen Lied

Fairy Tail

Ga-Rei Zero


Kill La Kill

Little Witch Academia

Love Live


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

My Hime

My Otome




Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Riddle Story of Devil


Soul Eater

Soul Eater Not!

Strawberry Panic

Strike Witches

Sword Art Online


Venus vs.Virus


I will also be doing various Disney movie characters such as the "all popular" Elsa from frozen. So feel free to request a female from any Disney movie.

If you have different request other than these feel free to ask the story just might not be as good. All stories must be girl x girl. You can choose the character and how the character acts such as Punk)Erza and you can also do the reader such as, Shy)Reader or I could decide.

Also I will do cross-over such as Yang Xio Long from RWBY x Reader x Asuna Yuuki from SAO. So you can also request cross-overs like that.

Thank you your support!

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