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(Italics is the mandarin)

While Sehun and Jongdae ran off to spy on whoever was in the kitchen, a couple other boys walked into the shop. The ring of the bell had grabbed our attention, and I about froze when I saw who it was. Between the pitch black hair, and the dark circles under his eyes, as well as the perfect mandarin he spoke, I could tell. It was the same boy from earlier.

"Taozi!" That pink haired kid, Luhan, shouted from the kitchen window. The boy with the dark circles looked up, smiling widely as he ran closer to the counter. The other boy jumped through the window, and both of them ducked to avoid being hit with the plate that came flying out after him. It crashed into the windows, all three of the boys in the middle just staring at it.

"I didn't think Xi gege would get like that again," the third boy, who Junmyeon had been staring at again, said. "He hasn't been like that since Lu gege first came and Xi had a crush on him."

"That's in the past! You are not to bring that up again! Or I will kill you, and Soo will help me!" A voice I'm the kitchen shouted. His mandarin was a little rough, so I could tell it was Xiumin.

"Anyway. Gege, guess what?" Panda boy said. The others looked at him, even the one from the kitchen. "We managed to visit the principle and the office today. Yixing did most of the translating, but we still managed to visit. And we're officially enrolled!"

The jaws on all of the other boys dropped. "What are they saying, Yifan?" Junmyeon asked from beside me, snapping out of my trance. I turned to him, and noticed that he was staring at them more intensely than I was. I looked back to the boys, who were all cheering and screaming.

"Remember how we said they might be transfer students? I guess the two we saw earlier were there to make their transfers final," I told him. He nodded, his gaze following the tallest boy as he made his way into the kitchen. I looked back to the panda boy, and the same time his gaze made his way in our direction. His eyes locked with mine, and I couldn't help but freeze.

There was something about the darkness of his irises, that deep brown that still seemed so filled with happiness and something I hadn't seen in any of my friends or girlfriends in a very long time. His eyes were filled with other things, of course. But there was one thing among them all that showed more than the others.

Something almost... innocent.

After a few seconds of staring at each other with wide eyes, he shook his head, looking the opposite direction of me. It snapped me out of my trance, and I turned my attention to the rest of our group. Jongin was on his phone, Sehun and Jongdae had finally sat back down but were staring blankly at the table, and Chanyeol seemed as lost in thought as they did. Junmyeon was still staring at the one kid, and I smacked his side to snap him out of it.

"I think we better head back. Come on, let's pay and get out of here," I said. He nodded, his hands shaking as he reached for his wallet. We both stood up, and the others immediately followed. They knew that when Junmyeon and I wanted to leave, it was time to leave. No arguing, just following.

"Hold on guys, I have customers to take care of. We can talk more in a minute," Minseok/Xiumin said, walking out of the kitchen. Chen let his gaze drop, and I could see Minseok trying his hardest to ignore him and only focus on Junmyeon as he paid. He kept dropping things, both of them having their hands shaking.

"Gege! Easy! You're gonna break something," Panda boy said, running over and taking the card machine out of Minseok's hands. Minseok just shook his head, obviously annoyed with himself for being how he was. Panda boy just shoved him sideways lightly, moving in front of the podium and taking the card from Junmyeon.

"Sorry about him, he's just kind of shaken up at the moment. We just managed to get transferred into our new school, and it's a big thing for all of us," he said. "I'm Tao, by the way. Obviously you've met Lu gege and Xi gege already, and the fourth one you saw with us is Yixing. We work here on the weekends, so if you ever want to visit while you're near, feel free!"

The one boy, Yixing I'm assuming, came over, whacking Tao's shoulder. "Chill. If Xi finds out you invited them lord only knows how bad it'll be for you," he said. Tao just smiled, swiping the card and typing things into the machine.

"Oh, stop. I'm the baby, he won't do anything to me," Tao said, and Yixing just rolled his eyes, his arms crossed as he waited for Tao to finish.

"Thank you for coming here and please do come again!" he said, smiling even wider as he handed Junmyeon his card and the stores business card. Junmyeon just nodded, slipping both the cards into his wallet.

"Tao! Xing! Lu! Get back here! We still need to talk about school, and then tell Soo and Baek that we're going to school with them!" Minseok shouted from the kitchen. Tao and Yixing just shook their heads, Tao waving at us before following Yixing back into the kitchen where excited screaming began.

"Well, that was eventful," Jongdae said, twirling his squirt gun around his finger as he skipped slightly. Sehun nodded in agreement, his face showing as little emotion as ever. There was something they heard while spying on the kitchen, and if I had to guess I would say it had to do with Minseok and Luhan.

"And what was that with all five of you staring? Honestly guys, that was creepy. But that Tao kids face when he locked eyes with Yifan, oh my god," Jongin said. I glared at him, but he just laughed it off like the entirety of that situation was nothing but a giant joke. Junmyeon actually whacked him in the back of the head, but he just kept laughing.

"Whatever. Let's just get back to school. I have something I need to take care of," Chanyeol said, using his long legs to get ahead of the group. Jongin stopped laughing, and we all just looked at each other, confused. But we started to hurry, trying to catch up with Chanyeol. As we did, all we could hear was something about "puppy eyes" and "eyeliner" and "knowing my records."

But even with him muttering that stuff, I couldn't get the thought of Tao's eyes out of my head.

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