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(Warnings: screaming, mentions of gore, popcorn, slight LAMS and JEFMADS, Bf/n being a needy lil bitch again, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Aaron's birthday, horrible puns, shorter chapter)
We were all going as a big group to watch nightmare on elm street at a good old theatre in Manhattan that played older movies.
Bf/n gripped my hand tightly and chuckled, "Maybe one day a ring will be on this."
I blushed. "Really? Oh, I'd love that, Mr. Bf/l/n!" I said it in a semi-sarcastic voice that made him laugh.
We were waiting for the others to get ready. Inside the bathroom I saw as Alexander tried to brush his teeth while pushing off Thomas as he hair sprayed his poof ball of a mane.
F/n was standing in the kitchen, checking their phone and sowing memes to Laurens and Mulligan. Burr stared out of the window next to Madison as Lafayette pet a playful Washy.
"Oh, one day there will be, Y/n.." he kissed my hand, like a gentleman.
I kissed him lovingly before stepping away. "ALRIGHT! We're leaving guys, come on!"
I flinched as a loud sounding slice on the screen played through the speakers, gripping Bf/n's arm. He wrapped it tightly around me and continued to stare at the screen with a monotone look. He's acting like he's seen gore before, a small twitch in his lips every time blood showed up on the screen. It was weird, but I nuzzled my head next to his on his shoulder.
Meanwhile, next to me was a shaking Lafayette, cursing under his breath in French.
Beside him was Mulligan drowning his sorrows in an extra large bucket of popcorn.
Alexander and Laurens clung to one another, eating their own popcorns and screaming with the rest of the theatre every time something happened. I didn't expect this from the hardened soldiers. Thomas had his eyes hidden in James' coat as James gripped his arm rest tightly. Burr simply flinched occasionally, having lost his appetite, not eating his popcorn.
"Hey, Burr are you going to eat that?" Thomas whispered hesitant to open his clenched eyes.
Burr shook his head and passed him the bag with a cringe on his face.
F/n was asleep, usual for them during horror movies. There was nothing too scary for them, and nightmare on elm street was only boring to them.
A tense moment in the story came about and Alexander was pleading with the characters on screen like he had lost his mind. "Please don't go to sleep!"
Mulligan smeared the butter from the popcorn on his face and shoved his head in the bag, making me snort.
Lafayette clawed at his cheeks in a suspenseful manner.
Laurens face was in Alexander's chest.
Burr huddled up lowly in an effort to keep his pride.
Thomas had made a blindfold out of napkins, holding onto a tense James who mouthed "no" repeatedly.
Finally, the movie ended. I woke up F/n and they helped us pry the others home.
"Nope, not sleeping tonight." Alexander said in a stubborn voice, typing away on his computer.
Thomas laid on the couch, diligently trying to stay awake like him.
Bf/n sipped a beer and crossed his arms. "Should I go get chloroform or something."
I jokingly slapped his arm and shook my head.
"They'll be out like the rest of them soon. James passed out because his cold medicine isn't non-drowsy and his anti-biopics have a sleep aid."
"This goes against my...uh....morals, but I'm afraid they need to be drugged." Bf/n snickered.
I shook my head again and rolled my eyes. I reached I got the medicine cabinet and got a bottle of melatonin pills. Melatonin was all natural so it technically wasn't drugging them. I crushed them up and rubbed them into the cracks of the cookies I had on the counter. I handed them each one. "These'll help you stay awake, if that's what you want." I lied.
They ate them quickly.
And quickly, they worked. I walked over to the counter and leaned down to look at the calendar.
Ah, tomorrow was Burr's birthday! How great-
I felt Bf/n's arms reach around me and rest on my upper stomach. He leaned in and planted a lingering kiss on the back of my neck. "Seems you need some sedation yourself~"
Oh buddy...
He snatched me off of my feet and carried me effortlessly toward my room with that cocky smirk of his on his face. His handsome face I couldn't resist~
Once again, thank god for soundproof walls!
(Lafayette POV)
Seems they forgot the door wasn't as soundproof as the walls... Bleh.
I woke up in the morning light that shined through the window. I stretched slightly and looked at the dozing Bf/n beside me. His face was partially stuffed into the pillow and he held the blanket's seam at his front side. I smiled softly and rubbed his face with my hand. He slowly opened his eyes and gave me a loving look with tired eyes.
"Good morning." I whispered.
"Good morning..." he replied, sitting up and kissing my cheek.
"Fuck, what time did we stop? I'm refreshed." He cracked his back, reaching off the bed for his underwear and shirt. He gave me my clothes, which I promptly put on.
"If I remember correctly, about two." I giggled.
I hopped off the bed and opened the door.
F/n and most of the others were up with the exception of Alexander. I mean, he was awake, but he was curled up on the floor with a tired look on his face.
F/n winked at me as they tapped Burr's shoulder where he sat on the couch next to Jefferson and Laurens.
"Hey, Aaron Burr..."
"What?" He looked up at them.
"It's February 6th."
"Oh no..."
"It's your... BURR-thday."
"Noooooooooooo." Burr groaned in annoyance, slamming his face into a pillow.
This is my life, oh my god.

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