Chapter 1

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(A/N This story is one I wrote for kavyanjali08.  Thanks so much for the idea, though I'm not sure if it's exactly what you wanted, I'm hoping it's close though.  Anyway, since it's February, I made it a Valentine story, sort of! (Last minute thought!)

"Minnie! Where are you, you, worthless mutt?"

Minnie Grayson's head came up as she heard her father's yell.

She'd been scrubbing the pots and pans from supper the night before but she quickly dried her hands and ran for the office at her father's yell.

"Yes sir." She panted, out of breath from her mad dash.

Her father smirked.

He knew when he commanded her two months ago, to not shift it would weaken her, her lack of food didn't help either. Combined, it was beginning to take a toll on her physically.

He was her father and her Alpha.

He hated her.


Because she was born female.

Her mom had miscarried repeatedly until she'd finally carried Minnie to term. Minnie was their only child and as Alpha her father had wanted a boy.

He believed females were only good for two things. Making babies and keeping house. Females weren't meant to be Alpha. 

 It didn't matter that the gold ring around the blue of her iris was proof she carried his alpha gene!  He refused to acknowledge her alpha DNA and when her mom died eight years ago, it became ten-year-old Minnie's job to keep house.

Now she was eighteen and he planned to mate her to Brutus, his Beta.

"As you know I have to make every effort to find your 'true mate' before I can give you to Brutus." Her father said, bringing her back to the present.


She knew wolf law and she knew if her father didn't abide by it the council could have him imprisoned.

"Well, I don't think you actually have a mate since we've made the rounds, twice, since you turned sixteen. But I received a call today from the Windsor Pack Alpha regarding rogues.

I frowned, Windsor Pack? I don't remember going there.

Father gave a humorless chuckle. "Don't strain yourself stupid. You haven't gone there before. Tomorrow you will though, and when you still don't find you mate the deed will be done. Three days, three days and you will be Brutus' problem to deal with."

I swallowed hard. Brutus was just like his name a brute! Father had slapped me a few times but most of his abuse was verbal.

I knew Brutus wouldn't be so kind.

"What if I do find my mate, sir." I almost whispered.

An evil look crossed father's face.

"Why, I'll kill him of course because you're promised to Brutus. Now, leave me and pack. You know the drill." Father said, then sat down and picked up his pen.

"Yes sir." I whispered then quietly left shutting the door behind me.

I quickly made my way up the stairs to my room. Once there I paced for a bit almost in a panic.

I needed to get away! Somehow, someway!

I couldn't allow Brutus to have me!

Moving to the corner of my room I moved the small table and pulled up the carpet there. Underneath a loose board there was my money stash.

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