Porch Swing (poem)

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Porch Swing By: Kourtney Cherry

Both brash and soft, a breeze                                                  

Caresses her skin, abrasively,                                                   


Whips past quickly, moving through                                      

An open window.

The gentle swaying                                                                    

Of a brown wicker porch swing                                          

Making a soft squeak

And on it laid a blue cushion.                                             

Her old turn dial radio,                                                         

Let out a staticy version of                                       

Old style country.

Made from guitars, basses, fiddles,                                   

And a harmony of voices.                                       

There are hushed sounds                                                 

Of birds singing their songs of joy

In the distance.                                                                      

The hushed sounds of children                                       

Who have sought the warm protection of

Being indoors-                                                                       

A storm approaches.                                                            

The sweet smell of lakes                                          

And oceanic waters                                                  

Lingers in the air

Signaling a rain                                                                    

Coming on her right.                                                             

She looks outside                                                     

To see the many shades-