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Miss fucking sunshine

The sound of voices echoing throughout the apartment woke Hunter up the next morning. Her eyes fluttered open and a yawn escaped her lips as she read the time on her phone : 11:00 am.

She threw to covers off her body and got out of bed. She looked down to see that she was still wearing the clothes she wore last night. "Classy.." she mumbled to herself.

She grabbed some fresh clothes and made her way to Ryan's bathroom to take a warm shower. Judging by her hair, she really needed one.

"Hello?" she knocked on the bathroom door, noticing it was locked, "Ryan is that you?" she questioned.

The sound of footsteps grew louder and after a moment or two the door swung open.

"Don't talk so loud," Ryan groaned as he looked down at Hunter, "my head.. It's hurting."

Hunter rolled her eyes and smiled, "drank too much?" She asked but then she heard it again, the voices, they were clearly coming from the living room. She looked up at Ryan, "who's that?"

"Just some of the guys.. They crashed here last night."

"Right," Hunter looked around the hallway and noticed all the beer bottles and all kinds of other messes on the floor, "force them to clean this shit up, because I'm not doing this all on my own," she said right before she walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

She turned the shower on and took her clothes off, waiting patiently for the water to turn to the right degree.

After she was done she grabbed a towel and dried herself off. She put on her underwear and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes appeared to be a little red, probably due to the tiredness.

She grabbed her toothbrush and started brushing her teeth, but then she noticed something strange in her neck. She rinsed her mouth and got a closer look.

Her cold fingers trailed gently over the red-purple spot when all the memories from last night came flooding back in her head

"What are you doing?" she had asked him while she tried to break free from his grip.

Bam ran his tongue over his bottom lip, "something I really shouldn't."

He leaned down and placed soft kisses from her collarbone up to her neck. He started sucking on a particular spot near her jaw and when he pulled away, satisfaction covered his face.  He had left a mark.

Her hand covered her mouth in shock when she remembered it all, how she received the mark.

"Fuck," she scolded, angry at herself for being so dumb and stupid. "How am I going to fix this?"

Wearing a scarf wouldn't be an option right now, seeing as she was inside and she probably didn't even had one in her possession. Covering it with make-up wasn't an option either, she had never been good with that stuff.

"Maybe they won't see it," she said to herself as she tried to hide the mark behind her hair. She let out a sigh of relief and smiled, this didn't look too bad.

"Hey, whoever's in there, you're taking too long!" a voice from outside called, scaring the crap out of Hunter.

"S-sorry, I'm almost done," she replied and quickly put all her clothes on.

Embarrassment was written on her face when she finally unlocked the door, but the embarrassment was soon replaced with shock when she came face to face with Bam's girlfriend, Missy.

"What are you looking at?" Missy snapped and Hunter felt her heart skip a beat when Missy's eyes trailed to her neck for a second.

"Nothing, the bathroom is all yours," she said hastily and ran away, almost tripping over her own feet as she rounded the corner.

Hunter ran her fingers through her hair and walked to the living room nervously. If Missy was here, Bam would be too, and she wasn't ready to face him. Not after all what happened.

"Hey Hunter!" Steve-O started once he saw Hunter walk into the living room, "haven't seen you since you went to get drinks last night," he chuckled.

Hunter turned to him and saw that he, Ryan, Chris, dave and lastly Bam were all sitting on the couch together. Some looking brighter than others.

She swallowed a lump in her throat and blushed shyly, "sorry, I got... distracted.." she said embarrassed as her eyes moved to Bam for a second. He looked like shit. Hungover from last night, holding his head in pain.

"Distracted by what?" Ryan asked, looking at her with some sort of suspicion in his eyes. He must've noticed her not being around for a while last night.

Without her realizing, her hand trailed towards her neck, her fingers resting on the place where the mark was 'located'.

"Ha, look at her face," Chris chuckled, "she got it last night."

Hunter widened her eyes, "what? That did not happen," she exclaimed.

The guys, apart from Ryan and Bam, started laughing and Chris gave her a playful wink.

"Honestly," Bam started, "I can't remember a thing that happened last night," he rubbed his eyes. It was all a big blur to him.

A sudden feeling of sadness travelled through Hunter's body as Bam spoke.

"Nothing?" She questioned quietly, but Bam just shook his head, "nothing."

Part of her told herself to be relieved. He couldn't recall a thing that happened last night, which gave her the opportunity to pretend that nothing happened in the first place. But the thing is, this memory wasn't just a simple mark on her body, it had left a mark on her mind.

"I'm gonna go get something to drink," Hunter said before she stood up and walked to the kitchen. She took a deep breath and rubbed her temples.

This needs to stop. She can't afford to get feelings for him.

"You again," she heard a voice from behind her say.

"Missy," Hunter sighed and turned around to face her, "that was your name right?"

Missy rolled her eyes, "yep."

"...cool." Hunter said unamused and turned around again to pour herself a glass of water.

It was silent for a while, an awkward silence. Neither one of them cared to make small talk whatsoever, but that was until Hunter couldn't help herself anymore.

"So, you and Bam," she started, "you two seem very happy with each other."

God, why did she have to be so stupid and start about their fucking relationship?

Missy didn't try to hide the annoyance when she looked back at Hunter, "we are very happy with each other."

Hunter nodded her head. "Cool."

And there was that silence again.

Suddenly, Missy inched closer towards Hunter and stared at something.

"What are you doi--"

"What's that in your neck?" Missy asked while she got even closer.

Hunter took a step backwards when Missy raised her finger and tried to touch her.

"Nothing," she snapped and placed her hand on the mark, covering it.

Missy squinted her eyes as a smirk slowly made its way onto her lips, "oh my god, it's a hickey, isn't it?" She laughed. "God.. the guy who gave you that must've sunken really low." She added, walking away with an amused smile on her face.

Hunter bit down on her lip and frowned.

Only if she ever knew who gave her that hickey.


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it (?) <3

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