chapter 3

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In the morning  I woke up and ran to the bathroom and puked, and my hair was pulled out of my face by Andrew,he was rubbing my back. When I was finished I smiled and said "thank you", " do we have to go downstairs"? asked Andrew like a little kid, "yes ,we do". When we got downstairs I looked at Liam who's jaw was clenched really tight. "Good morning ". I said smiling. "Sit down" ,said Liam with venom in his voice, as I sat down Andrew sat next to me. :Are you keeping the fetus'?, asked Liam. " Yes". Andrew and I said at the same time. "Were going to support you all the way ',said my mom." Can I move in"?, asked Andrew in a nervous voice. "NO!", SAID Liam not giving my mother time to answer." Yes ", said my mom. "What about your apartment?", I asked with a confused face. "I'll move." said Andrew. I looked at Liam ,knowing he was about to say something. "Sleep on the couch",said Liam with anger in his eyes, I'm learning its really easy to read my brother. "NO!! my room", I said. "That's how-." "LIAM STOP! BE HAPPY FOR ME"!, "NO YOU'RE A BABY" he said" "Liam come on", said my mom. All I could do is cry, not because i'm happy , but because my big brother hates me now. When I looked outside all I saw was Liam yelling and punching the air. "It's my fault"> said Andrew hugging and kissing me. 'STOP". I said.



Well Liam's not happy, I  am though.

Andrew wanna piss his pants. HA

Liam is really happy he just went through some shit.

Ill tell later ;), next the doctors :( O_O

picture of Liam on the side

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