✯ | chapter nine

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LEILA HAD NEVER felt pain quite like the pain she felt when she realised that Wells was dead. It wasn't Bellamy's intention to let her see the body, but see it she did as she had ignored his orders to remain behind the group in favour of pushing past him, like his sister.

"Leila, I'm sorry," Bellamy said quietly, reaching for the girl, only to be met with the air as she ducked away from him.

Pushing through the crowd, Leila tried to steady her breathing, as it had increased rapidly and she was on the verge of a panic attack. Leila always tried her hardest not to cry, but when she got too overwhelmed she would suffer from panic attacks.

Wells was dead; Wells – the kindest boy she had ever met – was dead. Nothing could make anything seem right anymore. So, Leila ran.

She ran from the camp, but mostly, she was running from her grief, hoping that she would be fast enough to evade them. But she knew running wouldn't be of any help, because she would be too tired to fight when the emotions did catch her.

A pair of muscular arms caught her around the waist as she attempted to run, stopping her in her tracks. She was turned around and came face to face with Bellamy, who held onto her shoulders as she gasped for breath, trying her best not to pass out in his arms.

"Hey, hey, Leila, Leila, look at me, look at me," Bellamy ordered frantically, repeating his words so that the brunette could definitely comprehend them, his hands on Leila's cheeks to ensure she looked at him. "I need you to focus on me, okay? Deep breaths. In and out. Ready? In..." Leila breathed in heavily and Bellamy nodded. "And out..."

The breathing exercises were repeated until Bellamy was sure that Leila was okay. Even after her panic had subsided, he held her in his arms as she clung to the front of his shirt.

"I can't believe he's dead," she breathed. "Wells is dead."

Bellamy hand rested in her hair while his other rubbed her back reassuringly. "Hey, it's okay. We'll find out who killed Wells. I promise."

Leila nodded slowly. "Thank you."

Bellamy nodded. "I'm here for you, Sunshine."

"Bell, can you do something for me?" Leila asked.

"Anything," Bellamy replied.

Leila held up her wrist. "Get rid of it."

A smirk formed on Bellamy's face as he reached for his knife. "This might hurt."

"Go for it," Leila muttered, as Bellamy dug his knife into the wristband.

With a pop, it opened and Leila felt some form of relief wash over her as the weight of the wristband was removed from her arm. Smiling, she rotated her wrist a few times, gaining feeling in her numb fingers once again.

"Sunshine, you might want to get yourself a permanent smile," Bellamy chuckled.

Leila smiled sadly. "How about you go die in a hole, asshat?"


Leila was called to Bellamy's tent not long after they found Wells's body. Pulling back the sheet, she walked in to see a knife and two fingers lying on the table. She was horrified when she was informed that the fingers belonged to Wells, and that the knife beside them was the murder weapon.

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