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                                                                  Shopia's Pov:

Shopia Madison  Lewis get your ass up mom needs to talk to us! My twin brother chase yells threw my bedroom door to wake me up. So my name is shopia,but i like to be called sohie, i have long wavy dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, i have the right amout of curvs, i love any type of music (not really country), my favorite colors are baby blue and neon green, i live in the southern part of california (for now) and i only have one brother (my twin). My brother chase  has dark brown justin bieber hair and bright blue eyes, hes pretty muscular(but not too much), he loves rap and rock music and his favorite color is blue. Coming! i yell too him as i get out of bed.Then igo downstairs to the living room where my mom was waiting for me. So i sit down next to chase. Shopia...Chase there is some things you dont know about our family you see were not human...were witches and we have control of elements and stuff and in order for you to aontrol your powers your going to the northern part of california,You will be going to a boarding school there.You will be leaving tommarow so you will need to pack and we need to get the things you need for your dorm room. What... where witches, boarding school,what. Chase says. Yes chase now both of you go get ready to go shopping.My mom says and leaves the room. Chase gets up and goes upstair to his room,so i go to my room and jump in the shower,then i go to my closet and pull out a green tank top and a blue skirt and put them on,then do my make-up and go down stairs to see my mom and brother waiting,Then we leave to the mall. When we get to the mall we go to the frunitchure store.You guys need to pick out a desk(with a chair),bean bages and bookshelves.My mom says.Thats when i see a grren and blue beanbag set and a black desk and a bookselve set and i tell mom about them.And chase gets the same but a blue beanbag set.Then we go to hot topic.You need better school clothes shopia.My Mom tells me.Then i start looking around.I get a bright blue correst top(to go with my leather jacket),a couple pairs of blue skinny jeans and band shirts.Then we go to hollister and i get  pink,blue,green,purple,red,white,yellow and black hollister shirts and  some skirts and dresses and chse gets blue,green,red,white,yellow and black t-shirts and jeans.Then we go to victoria secret (which chase stood outside of) and got me blue,green,pink,purple,yellow,red,white,and black bras and underwear.Then we go home.When we get home mom calls the limo driver and tells them that he has stuff to put in the limo,when we leave and me and chase go pack our things.When were done we go down stairs and eat dinner.When im done i ask to be excused,then i go upstairs and get my red lacy knee lengh nightgown and put it on,then wash my face and go to sleep.


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