Chapter Five

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(Ginger's POV)

It was late at night and I was starting to get sleepy.

"I'm going to sleep because I woke up early today, goodnight Everyone"

"Night Gi"

"Night Ginger"

And Zack didn't respond, from the look on his face I think he was thinking deeply in something and didn't hear me. Like I said, weird.

I went to my room and closed the lights then climbed to my fluffy bed Ana plugged my headphones and went to the land of dreams immediately.


(Zack's POV)

It's been two hours since I came to my room and I can't sleep. I'm laying on my back on the bed my arms behind my head thinking about her.

I was just about to tell that three words when Emily interrupted. I don't know i should be happy or sad about it.

I think I'm having my second chance to think all over again.


(Gilmher's POV)

I'm feeling so guilty about hiding the truth from the only person who's left for me in this world.

And the truth is that our parents didn't die accidentally, no it was in purpose and I know that it was the Delgado family because and the reason is that our father wasn't a cop like Ginger thought. No, he was from the most important mafia bosses all over the world.

I don't know the actual reason that makes the Delgados hate us like that but we weren't on the best terms.

The reason that makes the Hendersons travel was not their business, it was because they were threatened by the Delgados that they're the next, Zack's father, Tom Henderson, was my father's best friend and also they were business partners.

After my father's death, I was the one who was in his place controlling all the business he was doing and also doing dirty work like killing people, selling drugs and things that the normal mafia bosses do.

Last week Tom received a message from the devil himself saying that he's going to kill Zack and Emily, so Tom sent them here immediately. until now I don't know the exact thing they want from the Hendersons. But sooner or later I'll know.

After I told Ginger that we're here to spend some good time together I felt that guilt will eat me alive because we came here to hide from the Delgados until we find a solution to this situation.

On the other hand, It wasn't only the Hendersons whose been getting threats.

James Delgado always was saying that if I didn't give him what he wants he will kidnap Ginger and torture her to death.

So the only thing I need to do right now is to protect my sister with all got.

And thing that's making it difficult is that I know that James won't stop what he's doing until he gets what he wants.

And I hope he won't get it.

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