➳Chapter 27➳

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"Say no." I heard a whisper. Luke is that you?

"I- uh French homework." He mumbled.

"Oh it's fine. Sorry for disturbing you." I ended the call and flopped onto my bed.

Why did Chase sound he was like he was at my house with Luke? And why did I want Dylan with me so much?

Bella's POV

I lounged in my chair looking at Dylan's window. Today was a terrible day. Well for me. I wouldn't be able so say anything for the rest of the world but it was for me.  Everything had just gone wrong. Nate tried to get it on with me and Dylan nearly started a fight with him again...

Should I rewind?? That was a rhetorical question and of course I should. I'm sure everyone wants to know when Dylan gets into a fight because it is quiet interesting to know the reason behind it.

Let's go back 6 hours ago, around about lunch where everything kicked off.

So Nate and I were roaming about together, to my distaste he was still with me and I felt bad about it. I did tell him that I didn't like him in that way but he had laughed it off making me slightly anxious to what was about to come.

I don't know why on earth he laughed about the situation because personally I thought he'd be more angry. Not that I care that he wasn't mad. I was glad he wasn't but I knew he was hiding something. I mean when he was laughing he had this evil glint in his eyes.

Ooooh. I shuddered at the thought of the endless things he could do.

This just added to my list of worries. Fantastic! Another sleepless night. I just couldn't do this anymore.

I sighed quietly as Nate talked nonsense about how he loathed Dylan and I just thought about Dylan in general .

His comforting hug had left me restless last night. All I could do was think of the moment over and over again. Replay it in my head like a broken record. His hug had left a warmness and tingles all over my body, that unfortunately had not lasted all night.

When he hugged me I felt as if everything was going to be okay and I'm sure I've said this many times but he made me forget there was a whole world around me and made me think there was only us. Me and him. That's all there was. Just us and no one else.

"Bella!" Nate snapped his fingers in front of my face, trying to catch my attention. He did succeed in that and also pissing me off.

How rude of him to snap his fingers like that. I'm not your bitch so don't snap your fingers in front of my face like that you ass. I mentally muttered to myself.

"Are you with me?" He kept snapping his fingers.

I grabbed a hold of his hand and exhaled slowly, "stop snapping your fingers." He rolled his eyes at me as I let go of his hand, "it's irritating." I grumbled.

"Awh sorry babe."

I grimaced inwardly at his pet named. God, do they get on my nerves. I didn't enjoy him calling me anything other than my name because it sounded wrong. So wrong coming out of his mouth. "Where are we even going?" I mumbled.

I was done with the day. Everything was exhausting as usual. I saw Dylan with Ashley again, which pissed me off even more but, then I had to realise Dylan wasn't my boyfriend. So technically I couldn't really be pissy about it.

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