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Zayn' POV

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that to you" I sighed "it was rude and uncalled for"

"You like me?" Gigi beamed



"But I met someone and I... I need to apologise to everyone I hurt so I can be with them"

"Good luck then, I guess"

"It's Niall, by the way"

"You're actually with him?"

"No, but I'm going to be" I grinned proudly "bye"

All day everyone was gossiping about how I was going out of my way to apologise for using people for sex, or favours, for calling them names or stealing their girlfriends. Nobody knew what was going on, but they seemed to all have theories.

One was that I was going to military school for being too much work for my parents due to sleeping around and having angry parents constantly call my own. Another was that I was leaving the country and wanted to redeem myself. None of them were true, or remotely accurate.

I hadn't seen Niall today at all, and he ignored my texts. It hurt, but I knew that once I was done I could have him back. He'd be my princess again. I could kiss him, and cuddle him and hear him say that he loved me too. For now, being ignored was good enough for me.

The entire day I continued to apologise to people, I even had to apologise to a couple of teachers. One for vandalising his car, the other I had sex with her for a better grade, not because I actually liked her.

I think after I had to apologise to everyone I'd hurt, I realised how many people that was. It was a lot, but it wasn't all apologies to people I'd had sex with. It was people I'd bullied, stole money from, been rude to, damaged something important to them, lied to, used, criticised directly, or even just said I'd hated.

But I didn't tell anyone why I was apologising, and I wasn't going to. Gigi didn't spread my confession, which I was actually pretty grateful for. I knew Niall hated her guts for sleeping with me on multiple occasions. Gigi was the closest to a regular I'd had, so was Carly, but Niall was the real regular. He was the one that I looked forward to seeing just because I liked his eyes and his smile, rather than only looking forward to fucking and leaving.

Z: I did it princess, I apologised to everyone x

Z: I love you, we can be together now
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Niall's POV

"What do you think, Liam?" I asked softly

"I think you shouldn't forgive him" Liam frowned "he did it once, and he will do it again"

"He's trying you know?" I asked "besides, you probably don't want me to get back with him so you can have me"

"Guilty as charged" he grinned

"I love Zayn, don't forget that"

"You're supposed to love him, that's what he wants you to do" Liam told me, his arms around my waist "love makes you blind, he's going to come back to you every night but he'll never be faithful. He can't be, he doesn't want to be"

"But he said-"

"He said a lot of things that turned out to be bullshit" Liam insisted

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