Caught up

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''Girl where is this hoe Erica at? Her ass ain't never around

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''Girl where is this hoe Erica at? Her ass ain't never around.'' Amir said folding a couple of shirts.

I laughed. ''Stop it she's on her way. She called me this time. '' I said shaking my head.

''Mhmmm she probably somewhere fucking somebody husband, but you ain't here it from me ... Wait you did hear it from me what the bitch gone do?'' Amir said looking at me shrugging.

I laughed once again. I don't know why he don't like her. I been up here at my store working all day non stop just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean anything. In fact I plan on working until I can't anymore. I always been about my money and I love my job a lot so you won't here me complaining plus I'm the boss here and I can always stop when I want to.

Things at my store have been going really good since we hired two other girls. My employees are happy? customers are happy and I'm happy not to mention were making the amount of money we want to. Life is good.

Ace doesn't really want me working that much, but I don't pay him any mind because he knows I'm not gonna listen to him. If it was up to him he'd have me at home with him all day and night resting. I can't do that I love to still do things that I did before I was pregnant. He always tells me stuff like I don't need to work and how he could take care of me and the baby which is true, but I can't see myself just sitting at home doing nothing.

Even when I have this baby the grind won't stop. I always been like this ever since I was 16. I worked for everything I have now and I'll continue to do that. I'll probably never become a stay at home mom besides this is the only baby I plan on having for a while even though ace might beg to differ. What's up with guys and wanting to have all these babies anyways? Us women are the ones who have to carry them. Men just don't understand sometimes, but it's all love.

''Hola.'' Erica said walking into the store and I couldn't help but notice the huge ass rock on her finger.

''Hey.'' I said giving her a hug.

''Where you been hoe? '' Amir said looking at her up and down while she smacked her lips.

''I already talked to Alexis get out of my business thank you.'' She said clocking in.

''Girl yo business is every body business. Don't act like the streets don't be talking okay.'' Amir said snapping his fingers while I put my head down.

''Usually I'll respond to you but, because I'm in such a good mood I'll just ignore ya bothered ass.''She said

''Bothered? Bitch bye .. Only thing I'm bothered by is that cheap ass perfume you got on back up boo.'' Amir said putting his hand in her face.

This is what they do all the time argue like a married couple. It is funny to watch, but sometimes they get on my nerves. I feel like I'm baby sitting two big ass kids and shit they really needa stop it.

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