III - Bloody Sunday Prospects

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Fifteen years.


I was given the cut the day I turned fifteen. I got the prospect patches then, but no insignia. Just Prospect... and I was okay with that.

Christian patched this year. He was a year older than me, he got his license before I did, but we were both able to get ours at 15, thanks to a lovely thing called Hardship.

"Well well, look who finally got her prospect patch!" Christian came striding up, sporting a black eye and busted lip while my father came up with a bruised jaw and a bloody temple.

"Did you two go at it again?" I groaned, standing up.

"Yeah, but I earned this." He handed me a small patch that went opposite of my Chaotic Shadows patch.

Property of  Shadow.

I looked between him and my dad. There was one thing that was fought over. If a member wanted to date the daughter of the President...

They fought for it. Christian won.

He won me as his.

"He won fair and square. If he can beat me... He's good enough to protect you." Bones said, holding the frozen bag of peas to his jaw. I smiled at my dad and hugged him.

"Thank you for trusting him." I kissed his cheek and then went to Christian.

"Don't get cozy. Once he's patched up, we have a run to do. Get that patch sewn on." I grinned and jumped on Christian's back.

"You heard him. To the lair. I want this patched sewn on." He rolled his eyes at me and piggybacked me to my room.

Christian earned the road name for his stealth. Also, he was a literal shadow. A black haired, gray eyed bandit, who was at least a couple inches taller than Bones, but he grew out of his awkward stage and built himself. People called us polar opposites, seeing as I was average height and blonde haired and hazel eyes, and more scrawny than I'd like.

But I looked exactly like my dad except for the hair. I got the blonde for some reason.

But being the blonde beauty in the club pulls unnecessary attention from the eyes of people I don't want or need to be looking at me.

The property patch is to help stop that.

I sewed it on quickly and flaunted it for Christian. He chuckled and pulled me into his lap, his hand found his way up to my hair and pulled me to his lips and crushed mine in a kiss. I giggled and straddled his hips, but before we could even try anything...

"I told you no fun time!" My dad banged on my door. "Helmets on, lets go!" I groaned, dropping my arms from around his neck.

"He is such a buzz kill." He shook his head before lifting me off him. I sighed, pulling on the steel toed boots over my jeans and grabbed my helmet off my nightstand. "Lets go, Princess!" I grabbed my keys before following behind him.


I rode in the back with Christian, since that's where we belonged. Two prospects other than myself were driving the van full of our cargo, and were right behind us.

We were making a run to drop off some AK's to the 300 charter that was about thirty minutes south of us, but since the attack when I was five the Los Locos haven't given up on making our lives hell.

"Los Locos behind the truck. Shadow, Princess, split off with the truck. We're going to fall behind and take them out." My father spoke through the integrated headsets in our helmets. We had different helmets, a little more than skull caps, which covered our ears, and it had a carbon fiber piece that was removable over the mouth. Everyone else had regular ones, Shadow and I had the skull version of it. "Ready? Break!" They slowed down and we drove past as they moved out of the way. The Los Locos followed, except they passed through and around the truck to the two of us. One rode up beside me, but I couldn't push my speed any faster. I tired to push him off his bike, but he-"

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