The Scars of a Wolf

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Hey guys decided to start a new story, taking a break from Love by Angels for a little while but not to worry I will still be writing it xP. This story is a project for me, I'm hoping it will be a trilogy or atlest have a sequel. Well I hope you enjoy it, its about love, werewolves, and much MUCH more xD hehe read and enjoy.




Chapter 1: Wolf attack

I wake up every morning and look in the mirror wondering who could ever love me? Not because I think I'm fat, not because I don't like the colour of my eyes, not any of those reasons why we girls ask it. But because of my scars, I walk to school and everyone stares at me. Everyone whispers saying "That's her," no one could love a girl like me. One scar ran from the edge of my chin to my breast bone, another from my hip to my thigh. So yes thats me I am the girl, the girl who was attacked by a wolf.

I remember what happened, it was three years ago when I was fourteen. I was walking home from the movies, the crisp fall air was nipping at my cheeks so I pulled my sweater closer to my face. It was a little while until I reached my house because it was near the edge of town. I walked down the streets of Beaton and went through a path near the woods of my house, thats when I heard it. A howl. I began to walk more swiftly , I could see my house just ahead. I let out a deep breath and came to my road until another and louder howl came. I turned my light brown hair flying into my face, and there just a few.feet from me was a wolf. I know you're not supposed to turn your back on an animal like this but I did and ran. The wolf was much faster and jumped in front of me, I screamed and fell back. The wolf jumped onto me and then set his deep claws into my skin, it ripped my shirt and pant leg. I was bleeding furiously and I tried to scream once again but I was unable, I laid there unable to more or speak. The wolf ran off into the woods and I began to drift off. I never thought it would end like this was my last thought.

Thats how I thought it ended, me bleeding to death at the edge of my house. A present for my parents to wake to, but it wasn't. Someone had found me just in time and I was rushed at the speed of lightning to the hospital. They did everything they could to help me and in the end it was. I lived and I would be able to live my life once again! But once I woke up after days of sleep I saw the gauze on my body and felt terrified to see what was undernieth. When the time came and I got to take the gauze off I was left with the scars, claw marks up and down half my body. My parents said alteast I was alive, and this time I doubt they meant it sarcastically. It was true atleast I was alive but now what I bear these scars for the rest of eternity? Try to forget until I look at myself?

I hid my body as much as I could but when it came the time for me to get back into school everyone stared and whispered. No matter how much I tried I would never truly be as alive as everyobe else. This part of me this scar made me feel dead. I never was able to go to the beach with my friends without being mocked or called ugly. Never was I asked to a dance, never had I ever had a boyfriend. And yet everyone still reminded me "Atleast you aren't dead." But how I was.

So now seventeen and still bearing the scars I ignore the stares and whispers, I walk with my head high and look for my friend Stacy when I hear it Brian Declare.

"Woof woof!"

"No new jokes today Brian?" Says Stacy coming out of the crowd.

"Hey Stacy," She nods and glares at Brian who just ignores her.

"Brian's an ass don't listen to him." Stacy says.

We make our way down the halls of Beaton highschool laughing and talking, making fun of the girls that just got a nose job. Stacy was new at the school when I was attacked and since all my friends ditched me after it she was there for me. Im glad to have her or I would be facing this alone and I doubt that would go over well. But I guess I would have to learn how fast because she and her family are now moving to Mexico.

"Really!?" I asked happy for her and hiding the part of me breaking down.

"Yeah we leave in a week! I'm so excited I've always wanted to go to Mexico."

"Well now you're going to live there! And it will be amazing you'll have to tell me everything when we talk." I said.

"I absolutly will! Well I have to go back home to pack but hang out tonight?"

"Sure," I said.

There she went my bestest friend and only friend moving to Mexico. I was going to have to live through this by myself.

Well hope you enjoy this book!!!

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