✯ | chapter four

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WELLS DEPARTED SOON after the rain began to fall, not even bothering to check whether Leila was following, which she wasn't. Instead, she turned to Bellamy and folded her arms, something she found that she did often when in the presence of the undoubtedly attractive man.

"You're hiding something, Blake, and I can promise you I'll find out," Leila said quietly, so only Bellamy would comprehend her words, before she too turned and followed after Wells once more.


The rain eventually ceased, leaving the ground soggy and wet, providing no dry space for anyone to sleep. Leila found a spot for herself and Wells by the roots of a tree, sitting against it and running a hand through her almost-dry, still partially wet hair sullenly.

She wished she had gotten it cut during her time in the Sky Box, but the length of her hair was something that her and Clarke had been arguing over for years, as Leila's always seemed to grow faster than the blonde's. As of right now, sopping wet and straight as a board, it reached down past her hips. When it was dry, it hung in waves down her shoulders and reached to the middle of her back.

Using the hair tie around her wrist, she ran her fingers through her hair to comb it out to he best of her ability and then pulled it into a very messy ponytail, meaning that a pool of wetness soaked into the back of her t-shirt, her jacket having been removed to use as a pillow.

"Care to share with the class?" Wells asked, sitting beside his friend.

Leila looked over at him, bringing her knees up to rest her chin upon them. "The last thing I told my dad was that I hated him. Was that wrong?"

"It depends on whether or not you meant it," Wells shrugged.

"Oh, I definitely meant it," Leila chuckled dryly. "He's such an asshole. I mean, he locks his own daughter up then doesn't even visit her in the two years she's been in the Sky Box. How is that fair?"

"I'm sorry," Wells apologised.

"Don't be," Leila replied. "If I hadn't punched that guard and tried to kill him I wouldn't be down here."

Wells smiled sadly at his friend. "That's not punishable by death."

"Yeah, tell that to my dad," Leila scoffed, her feet turning over the wet leaves, a few blades of grass clasped within her fingers as she pulled at them viciously. "In a way, I kind of don't want them to follow us down here. I like this, being free from everything. It's finally peaceful, and there nobody to tell you what to do."

Wells nodded. "I know what you mean. Up there, it's like you have your whole life planned."

"Yeah, but down here anything's possible if you make it so," Leila replied sullenly, despite the cheerful topic of conversation. "But sometimes anything can jut lead to nothing."

"How can anything lead to nothing?" Wells asked curiously, before his tone became softer. "Your father does care about you, Leila, no matter how much he denies it."

"I'm gonna try and sleep now," Leila said abruptly, cutting off the conversation at its roots.

She rolled over and turned her head away, as she could still feel Wells's eyes on her, watching her as she drifted into a restless sleep. Had she remained awake for a few moments longer, she would've heard him talking to her.

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