H Y U N G [one shot; hunhan]

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"Come on, hyung." the younger boy pleaded. His name was Oh Sehun, recent freshman on the block. Pale skin, sharp chin, keeps a constant blank expression. A '94 liner. Speaks with a lisp.

"No, Sehun. You don't understand." the other man had responded. Lu Han, that cute blonde kid from China. Four years older than Sehun. Thin frame, vocalist at the night club a few blocks away from the university.

"Goddammit, hyung. What don't I understand?" Sehun hissed at Lu Han. "Listen to me. You're too young, okay? It's inappropriate." Lu Han had smitten back. "I don't fucking care if you're older, I wan-" But the younger boy had been cut off. "No." Luhan bitterly replied. "Hyung plea-" Sehun pleaded, getting cut off once again. "Oh Sehun. If I say no, I mean it. I'm a senior and I should act like one. And technically, taking advantage of younger novices is unacc-" But Sehun had shut the other man up, placing one of his sleek, long and skinny forefingers over Luhan's red lips. "What if I'm the one who's taking advantage of you, hyung?" Sehun says, nose in contact with Luhan's, breath hot all over the smaller man's face. Sehun moves his forefinger a little bit downard. Just enough for the tip of his finger to be placed by the opening of Luhan's lips, slowly tracing it's outline. Sehun stares into Luhan's deer-like eyes, face zooming a centimeter closer every second since the moment he's placed his finger on Luhan's lips. He moves closer, until their faces were touching, only leaving Sehun's forefinger being a blockage in between his and Luhan's lips. "It would be a lot appropriate that way, right hyung?" Sehun says seductively, harshly shoving Luhan up his dorm wall. Luhan groans in pain as his head forcefully hits the concrete. "Sehu-" he says, lips moving across the younger man's forefinger. "Shhh" Sehun hushes, placing his finger tighter on the other's lips. Sehun quickly unplugs his fingers from the indefinite space left between them and crashes his lips onto Luhan's. The older man struggles to break free but at every attempt he threw at Sehun, the younger boy was just stronger and twice as persistent as he was. He was caged under Sehun, one arm placed by the wall near his face, fingers on hold of Luhan's hair, and the other wrapped tightly around Luhan's waist. Sehun flicks his tongue across the gums of Luhan, wanting entrance from the older man. Luhan had no ther choice so he shuts his eyes tightly and allows entrance for Sehun, whom quickly invaded his whole mouth. "You taste so fucking good, hyung." Sehun had slurred in the middle of the sloppy kiss. It was no absolute joke, Sehun thought that Luhan tasted like lychees and all of Sehun's sexual fantasies. And he liked it perfectly that way.

Luhan breaks the wet kiss, turning Sehun over so that he would be the one to make him feel like he'd lived in a 7th heaven. "My turn." Luhan hisses, sending shivers down Oh Sehun's spine. Luhan starts nibbling on Sehun's ear cartilage, slowly flickering down to the lobe and softly biting on it, earning a complacent moan from the young one. Luhan caresses Sehun's sharp jawline with his tongue, finally making it down to his neck. It was easy for Luhan to suck, assuming that he was shorter than the younger boy. He nips on the flesh on Sehun's neck, movements of his mouth had varied from sucking to flicking his tounge around a certain spot, leaving a slightly red-violet hickey on the side of Sehun's neck. "Shit, hyung." Sehun laughs "How do I explain that to my friends tomorrow?" he smiles, acknowledging the huge mark Luhan had left on him. Luhan makes his way up on Sehun's chin and invades his lips once more. Biting and sucking, making both their lips painful in a good way. This time, Sehun pulls away. He momentarily stares at his hyung's lips, all red and plump after their wild make-out session. Full and shiny from the sunrays peeking through his dorm room windows. Luhan stares back, doe-like eyes shining as well, noticing the marks of which may be his or Sehun's saliva by the corners of Sehun's thin lips. Sehun thought that this was it. It was now or never, he had Luhan and he wasn't risking the chance of being declined by the perfectly-contoured 23-year-old man once more. he pushes Luhan and they both land on Sehun's bed, chests both warm on each other. Sehun hears Luhan's heart beat faster and eyes go wider. "Seh-" But he was cut off once again by Sehun's sweet lips. "Mine." Sehun murmurs in between the kiss. "All mine." he connects, deepening the kiss. Luhan takes top now, lips still in contact but had finally been broken as he could feel Sehun's hardened bulge underneath him. "Hard for me, Sehun?" He whispers, earning a soft blush from the freshman. He detaches from Sehun and takes his shirt off, aware that his body is being marvelled at by the young one. Sehun had already sat up from bed at this point and stares mercilessly at Luhan's body. His dick was uncontrollable at the moment, knowing that all he wanted was Lu fucking Han. He grabs Luhan's wrist on throws him on the bed, trailing soft kisses from Luhan's clavicles down to his abdomen, stopping by the button of his jeans. He breathes across Luhan's abdomen, making Luhan cave his stomach inwards.

Just as he was about to place his finger across the button of Luhan's jeans,

"No, hyung. I c-can't." Sehun stutters, lifting his head from the area and sits on his tibias. He lifts his pale hands and covers his face. Luhan sits up at this moment as well, sitting next to Sehun as he envelops the younger boy around his skinny arms. "I'm so, so sorry hyung. This is all so w-wrong." He said, and it was clear to Luhan that Sehun had already broken his water sacs. Luhan remains silent and listens to Sehun, letting the young boy sit on his lap as he embraces him tightly, listening to everything Sehun had to say to him. It was an awkward position, with Sehun being taller than him and all. But he didn't care, all Sehun needed was an ear and a shoulder to cry on. "I-I should love when I'm ready, h-hyung. Not when I'm l-lonely." Sehun sniffs, tears rolling down Luhan's barren chest. "I'm sorry for using you, hyung. I've j-just been hurting really, really b-badly." Sehun explains as Luhan hushes Sehun. "You know it's wrong to take things like those to this level, Sehun." Luhan sighs, tucking a stray strand of Sehun's dyed hair behind his ear. "Sometimes, I could just be hyung. The hyung that you could always talk to whenever you have problems, but sometimes I can satisfy whatever you want, Sehun." Luhan whispers the last line in Sehun's ear. "I just need you like this right now, ge. All mine" Sehun replies, voice slightly cracking.

"Yeah" Luhan responds "All yours."

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