A/n: Cover contest

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Hello all. This is the first contest for this book. I am asking for submissions for a cover contest. The requirements are:

1- Must be your own work. No stealing.

2- Must include the title and my name somewhere on the cover, easily readable.

3- (optional but greatly encouraged) Digital.

DUE DATE: FEBRUARY 20th (aka Presidents Day)
Hot to submit it:
My Instagram is: jolly.olde.jorge
My twitter is: @TrollingTrollsS
My email is: levihasabigbooty@gmail.com

The winner will be recognized with a shoutout, and the gift of the cover being used until the book ends :)
Also: The next chapter will probably be out by at least Monday night. My weekend is packed full of my 15th birthday party, homework and a super bowl party. Can't wait for the original Schuyler sisters to sing "God bless America"
Thank you, have a nice day.

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