Chapter Twelve

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 Chapter Twelve

Before our transport started to tumble down the mountain uncontrollably, I remember hearing clicking from far away. Through the ice falling from the sky and wind hitting us from all directions, a light clicking was all it took to send an explosive charging our way. It followed by the transport being thrown from our thin road and down the rocky, slick sides of the mountain.

Things floated before my face as we fell in slow motion. I could see items and people flying about the transport like lifeless bodies in the ocean. Every time I closed my eyes to blink, dead faces gazed at me through blue, clear water surrounded by the fish of the Caribbean, chains at their ankles and cement in the sandy ocean floor.

When we finally stopped for just a moment, a thin rail of rocks holding us up just long enough for them to crack under pressure. I grabbed onto both Zek and Tommy, both of their faces becoming bloody from the tumbles they were taking, and tied them to the beds with rope I'd found. Before I could do the same for myself, the brittle, cold rocks cracked and we began to tumble again.

In the transport I could hear alarms going off as the guards shouted and struggled. We rolled for a long time before stopping. It was the part I was not looking forward to. As the tumbling was rough, the landing was the worst. On the back side of the transport, a large, sharp rock punctured the metal and shot through. My body was just inches away, my death sure if I had moved any closer during the fall. Instead, my body landed roughly at the corner of one of the beds causing a cracking noise to indicate my rib had broken.

It wasn't the worst thing that could happen therefore I would need to fight through the pain and figure out who survived the actual fall.

Initially I couldn't hear any movement. I pushed myself up and untied Zek first, then Tommy, to place them onto some blankets I'd laid out next to the rock. At the angle we'd found ourselves no cold was getting in just yet but it was only a matter of time. The danger of the cold in this storm was nearly as severe as the danger of whoever shot us down.

Once they were set, I climbed up the side of the transport and opened the door to the officer's bunks. Already I could smell blood and leaking oil. This place would be very dangerous very soon. I jumped in and immediately realized most of the people who had been traveling with us were now corpses. Three heartbeats remained, one weaker than the others.

It took just a second for my eyes to adapt to the darkness and I could make out the bodies. I felt the tug of loss when I saw both Alyx and most of Max's team were the people dead in the wreckage. The only hope I found was when Maxwell started to move.

Rushing over to him, I pulled the man from the corpses and drug his body to the edge of the room just before the space we'd have to climb to get out. I then bent over and slapped him three times before he started to move again.

"Max? Max, are you ok?" I tried harder to focus on his face when two lights from the collar of my armor lit up and exposed his face to me. I then felt it tightening around my ribs as if self-healing for my body.

"Kala?" He asked as he squinted his eyes at the blinding light. I tried to shield it but nothing would now turn it off. He pushed my hand down and gave the command, "Lights low."

As a dimmer light now beamed down on him, I checked the wound on his head. It wasn't severe but enough to knock him out cold. I turned to the rest of the room knowing there were two more people alive in there and I needed to find them as well. When I stood to find them, Maxwell grabbed my arm.

"Don't go." He said it in a breathless tone, low and desperate.

"Someone attacked us. We need to get everyone who is alive out of here."

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