Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

During shift change it seemed there would be a window for me to escape and search the camp base for the things we had been traveling with. Arthur was nowhere around. I could tell because his distinct steps and distinct scent were rested nearly 100 meters away. Most people were asleep now including the team that helped me take down the bounty hunters.

From our original camp, our things were put in one of three places. I could smell a storage arsenal of weapons not far from this cabin which would be a great place to store valued objects such as the Bin-Rah’s things. Another place was at the very edge of the camp where the lookout stood post in a camping storage unit and eagle’s nest.

The last place was in the cabin of the man in charge; Maxwell Osiris.

Getting up out of my bed, my ankles were a bit weak but I managed to sneak across the floor without falling over or making a significant amount of noise. I double checked over both Zek and Tommy to find they were so tired from the events that had both unfolded and were about to unfold that they needed just a bit of time to be.

Before I left I grabbed a coat from the wall next to the door and tucked myself in so that not to make the same mistake twice. I didn’t have the protection of adrenaline to keep me going and my weak body would only prove as a further barrier if I didn’t go about this right. I also knew that because of my height I would be very noticeable. Stealth was going to have to be my friend on this mission.

The moment I opened the door, Zek’s body started to shiver again. I rushed out and quietly locked the door behind me so that it would not breeze open again and freeze them to death. Once exposed, I feared I might feel the same way. Without my adrenaline I was so cold my teeth chattered wildly.

Using everything I had, I pushed it aside and began down the darkest of walkways behind the cabins to the first cabin I suspected our things to be in. My feet made light crunching sounds above the ice and snow. Specs of frozen moisture hit me in the eyes each time I tried to look up and navigate causing my vision to blur time and again. I was relieved to finally reach the back door of the arsenal which had been locked with a digital key.

From my pocket a pulled out a piece of wire left behind by the brother and sister who worked to heal me. While this world had a level of technology that could surpass my knowledge, there was one thing I knew for sure. No machine was a match for the mind of a human.

Several twists and some good elbow grease, I managed to disconnect the power to the unit causing the system to freeze and, only for a moment, unlatch the lock from within. I pulled the door open quick enough that when it resealed I was already in.

The smell of gunpowder and steel filled my senses very strongly. I could feel my eyes burning from the chemicals in the room and allowed several tears to fall down my eyes from the stinging. In the darkness of the clouds and night, already I was having problems seeing around. There would be no lights in such a place and so I would have to do my best to strain them.

I began my search in the main room and worked my way to the back door. There were quite a few goodies in there however the items I was looking for were gone. This meant I was going to have to brave the cold again and search the lookout next. This would be much harder seeing as it was meant to constantly be occupied with guards. While I was not in danger I could get many good people in trouble if I were caught. I was learning that the old me would be ok with that. The new me was not so sure.

Instead of jumping out into the cold again with a regular fur on, I walked into the room of the weaponry and changed into a white, armored suit similar to the one I had seen in my vision. This was obviously one meant to protect against cold with a much better stealth factor. Once on, I pressed down on the gloves palms against the hard surface of the floor and the suit fit to my form.

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