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How can my water break and I'm not even 8 months yet this can't be good. Jesus help me and my unborn child. Frank threw on some clothes for me and carried me to his car I just cried the whole time not knowing what was going to happen he would say baby it's going to be alright just breath. I couldn't think of nothing but the bad.

As soon as we pulled up to the hospital Frank was damn near running he looked so worried and so scared but I was too. "Someone please help me my girlfriend we need help" Frank yelled as soon as we walked in. A lady with short red hair rushed to us with a wheelchair Frank put me in it. "Sir, please calm down I need to know what's wrong with her" "she's only 7 months pregnant her water broke just please help" Franks voice cracked I looked up at him and he was crying I never saw him cry I grabbed his hand and whispered it's going to be okay. The lady then toke us back to the delivery section very quickly I felt a pain in my lower stomach and back. "AHHHH" I yelled as I was helped into the bed "her contractions are coming in now Dr.West" a nurse said. "Sir are you the baby's father" I heard him ask Frank "yes sir I am" "do you have any other family" "My parents" I said "We will have to give them a call, this baby is coming tonight and fast." Frank stepped out the room to make phone calls, at this point I was just chill.

"Baby your parents are on the way I called Ally no answer and I called KJ straight to voicemail" "That's fine I just need you and my parents I want our son to be perfect" "Jayceon August Smith" Frank said as he grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers while kissing my hand. I felt the sharp pain again. I let out a grunt and squeezed his hand. "DAMN, we doing this all night huh?!" "yes baby you are my rock I need you here" "and I'm not going anywhere." There was a knock on the door and my parents walked in my mom ran to my side and my dad had a big bear and flowers. "How are you doing baby girl" "I'm good just contractions here and there" "get some rest it's going to be a long night we will be here when you wake up" my mom said as she kissed my forehead.

I woke up in pain I was sweating and breathing hard, I looked at the clock it was 4 o'clock in the morning everyone was sleep. I pressed my nurse button a lot of times I was going into panic mode I let out a loud yell. Everyone woke up my mom said it's time, my dad left the room the nurses and doctor rushed in hooking me up to all kinds of machines. Breath baby Breath Frank said, my mom started saying the Lord's Prayer and hummed gospel music.

"Lisa it is time to push breath in and out, and PUSH!" the doctor directed. We went through this what felt like hours.

I heard my son cry when he was brought into this world. The nurse handed me him he looked normal his beautiful hazel eyes looked up at me it was love at first sight "Jayceon" I whispered and kissed his forehead. The nurse said he has to go in the pre mature room even though he was healthy. I didn't want him to leave the room yet but it was best for his health. This was the hardest yet best thing I've ever done in my life. Mommy loves you Jayceon August Smith.

This book will be coming to a end soon I'm ready to work on a new project :) . Check out my new book 'Whore not housewife'

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