Chapter 25

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Ayesha's POV

"It's me, Anaya," A familiar voice says.

I open the door and let her in.

"What's wrong Ayesha? Aunty told me you've locked yourself in since yesterday," She says, sitting on the bed besides me.

Should I tell her everything?
She's my friend and I've always told her my deepest secrets.

I sigh,"Okay, so here's what happened..." I tell her everything from Ahmed's wife and daughter to our break up.

"Oh my god," She says, shocked.

"Ayesha, honestly even I don't know what you did was right or not. Life does gets hard sometimes but just know... that your friends will always be there for you," She smiles, affectionately.

That simple smile, made me feel so much better.Made me feel that I will never be alone.

"Thank you so much, Anaya.
I didn't know what to do and I just did what I felt was right at the moment," I hug her, tightly.

I really needed her.

"Well, at least he will still remain as your friend," She replies and I nod slowly, somewhat convinced.

''And your parents are still grieving over Hussain's death, don't stress them more. Cheer up,'' She adds, winking.

I smile sadly.

That's why I love her, she's always there for me, to cheer me up, make me happy. Believe it or not, she's the best cousin and and I consider myself lucky for that.

''Guess what?'' She asks, excitedly.

"What?" I reply, curiously.

"I've started hanging out with Ayyan more, and I think I'm... starting to like him more," She blushes, her eyes shining.

"I already knew you guys were in love," I grin and then we spend the rest of the time talking and laughing over silly jokes.

And I start to feel better.

The next day

I get up as soon as I hear the alarm. I couldn't sleep last night too. All I could think of was him and how will I face him when it's time to go university.

I can't skip another day. I have to go. The work will pile up and it will be impossible to finish it in time. I sigh and walk towards the washroom to get ready.

I look at my reflection in the mirror.

Messy hair, puffy red eyes, pale skin but I couldn't bother less. I don't really care about being well-coordinated.

I wash my face, take a shower and then get ready.

Grabbing my stuff, I head out of the room and downstairs. I put a fake smile on my face for my parent's sake.

"What's for breakfast?" I ask, sitting on one of the chairs.

"In a better mood now, huh?" Ammi says, smiling.

The relief in her smile relaxes me too.

"Yup," I smile back.

A genuine one.

"Now will I get to know what happened?" She asks and I remember what Anaya said.

Don't stress them more.

"Nothing much," I reply and stuff a sweet strawberry in my mouth to avoid any questions.

Thankfully, she just shrugs it off.

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