Chapter Eighteen

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"How is she doing?" Anns heard Jax's voice coming from the doorway of her hospital room. She had her back turned towards the door, wanting to shut everyone out until she knew Noah was safe and back with her.

"They gave her another sedative earlier. She should be coming out of it soon. They don't know how much more they can give her." Opie told him. Her dearest older brother was the one to stay with me today.

Anna already had four doses of a sedative she couldn't remember the name of. She felt sedated enough to feel calm. The panic of her new born baby being out there with his psychopath of a father slowed down somewhat but didn't disappear. Her muscles were limp making her limbs hard to move. Sometimes she would fall asleep. She couldn't remember what day it was or how long it had been since the attack.

The latest sedative had worn off at least half an hour ago and she was slowly getting more cognitive of her surroundings.

"Please tell me you have some good news?" She heard Opie plead with him.

"I do."

She turned over slowly facing them hearing Jax say those two words. Both their attentions turned to her. She burst into tears at what Jax said next.

"We found him. He's here, he's safe."

She pulled the blanket back wanting to go see Noah, see if he was really there at the hospital with her own eyes. "I need to see him."

Opie and Jax both stopped her from getting up. "Gloria is checking him over and giving him everything he needs. She's gonna bring him straight here once that's all done."

She nodded, pulling the blanket over her. She was desperate to see her Noah but she was afraid having another sedative would prevent her from seeing him as soon as Gloria brings him to her. She needed to stay calm

"What happened to Kyle?" She found herself asking. She didn't care what happened to him, a part of her just wanted to know.

"He's not going anywhere." Jax said.

"Is he dead?" She asked.

Jax didn't answer the question but that was all the answer she needed. She didn't want to know the details of how he was killed, not right now. She was relieved. She didn't have to deal with him anymore. She didn't have to worry what he'd do next or when he'd strike again. She could move on, having Noah to focus on now.

He turned to Opie. "Can Anna and I have a minute?"

Opie frowned but nodded. "I was going to see if mom and dad are still here."

She nodded and watched as he turned and went to walk out the door. He threw Jax a threatening look over his shoulder as he left the room, walking away. Jax and Anna were left in an awkward silence until she broke it.

"Thank you for finding Noah." She would be eternally grateful to him for bringing Noah back to her. The little guy was now her world and even though she hasn't held him or seen him, she knew she would die without him. She didn't carry him for all those months just to lose him to a deranged man.

"It was a club effort." He gave her a small awkward smile. She could tell he didn't want to take all the credit. She could also see the guilt in his eyes. She knew he was thinking he didn't deserve the praise.

"I'll thank the others later but I'm thanking you now." She said. "So thank you."

"It was no problem." He said. She noticed him moving closer to the bed. "I'm really sorry for everything I said. I didn't mean any of it and you were right, I'm a huge momma's boy and I do let her get her way too much." he paused taking a deep shaky breath, in and out. These moments were rare. "I'm in love with you Annabelle Winston. I don't care what anyone, especially my mother, says. This has made me realize I can't live without you."

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