douchbag x reader- fluff ((EDITED))

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~ Warning Swearing, bad spelling and this story is very short and couldn't find a picture of douchbag sorry •~• ~

~Your POV~

Today is the day, we are going the battle the dark kingdom with its ruler Clyde. I and douche bag were the new kids in town so we are buddies for the whole game including the final fight, douche bag and I have become very good friends, I'm basically the only one in south park that have heard his voice and that is a very big achievement.

I and douche bag were walking up the stairs of the tower to Clyde, I was shaking and trembling... scared that I will die today. Douchbag obviously saw my shaking and grabbed my hand, I blushed and looked at him he was blushing too.

As we walked up the stairs, there was a room and a door. We got prepared, before walking through the door, douche bag grabbed my chin and kissed me, I moved my arms around his neck while melting into the kiss, he moved his hands to my waist making the kiss more passionate.

He let go of me and "(y/n) I love you so much, I know we just meet but... you so amazing and I would love to be with you for the rest of my life, (y/n) will you go out with me" I stood there blushing and nodded like crazy, he smiled and kissed me again, we started making out, forgetting about Clyde.

It started to get really heated so Douche bag in picked me up and took me to the small closet, he started taking off my clothes and I did the same to him. I saw his huge member and froze while thinking, well this is going to hurt. I look at douche bag and kissed him.

~Cartman's POV~

When walking up the stairs to the dickhead Clyde, the closer we got to the door, the closer a strange moaning sound got louder. The strong smell of sweat burnt my nose, I followed the moaning to a small closet. "Douche bag..." I heard a female voice, I slightly opened the door and saw something I didn't want to see in my life.

I quickly but quietly shut the door, "hey cartman where is (y/n) and douche bag?" Kyle said raising his eyebrow, "I have no idea crawl, maybe already fighting" I said walking back to the door in the room blushing slightly.

~Cartman you perv and soz its short~

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