5 || The understanding

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Finally, I would get out of this house and see where I am. I was so curious about it. I won't any longer be held in this house. I'll get to see my school, not that I loved school in any way, it just helps me to move on, kind of. After all, I'm still held by a bunch of killers...

We went to the car and the guys had some kind of driver. Okay, are they killers or some princes? I'm starting to think that they are sons of CEOs or something. No one in Korea has this kind of service than those. At least this is what I have heard and imagined about. Doesn't matter right now. Jungkook promised to tell me everything after school. I hope this time I'll get my answers and no one is going to stop us. 

I don't know when or where the guys got me this outfit I'm wearing. But I got to admit they have a good taste. I have ripped jeans and a white t-shirt on me with white converses. They said we're going shopping tomorrow. Suddenly I'm being helped with everything and is it a little weird? Considering how they acted towards me a few days ago, even with knowing what I was to Jungkook. 

I'm nervous. I have been away the whole weekend. Well, that's not really weird but to my parents it is. They must be really worried about me but also mad. And Momo? She must be worried about too since my phone died and I haven't charged it yet. Actually, I don't even know where my phone is. 

I watch through the window watching forest view. Their house or should I say mansion is middle of nowhere. There is nothing but trees or field around us. It's kind of beautiful though. I can see far away from the fields, see the sun and the clouds moving. It's much better than staying in a city with huge buildings, cars, and people. Here it's more relaxing and I can hear my thoughts.

''So Y/n remember we are going to be there all the time.'' I hear Jimin saying and I turn to them. They must have seen how nervous I feel. This feels like the first day of school.

''You remember your story?'' Taehyung asked. Oh yeah, the guys have done a backup story to my disappearance. God knows how many times I heard it when we ate breakfast.

''Yes. After that party, I was so drunk that I couldn't go home. I thought about my cousins who lived nearby and I stayed with them the whole weekend since I haven't seen them in a while and I didn't want my parents to know about my ''party''. And my phone died and they didn't have a right charger for me and eventually, I just forgot about it.'' They all nodded and smiled at me. Jungkook took my hand and came me the look ''everything is going to be fine''.

''So are you guys going to attend to classes? Or are you going to just stand like statues in the hallway? What if someone recognizes you?''

''Well that's impossible since I and Taehyung went different school and well Jungkook too but you two were too young then. I bet no one recognizes us.'' Jimin said.


''But we might attend to some of the classes but we think you're perfectly safe in the classroom. And if something happens we get out of there.'' Taehyung said.

I'm still confused who are they talking about and why am I in danger. Well, everything will be explained once we get off school. Speaking of school we arrived here and I gulped. I don't know why I'm so nervous. This isn't some kind of red carpet?

We get off the car and went inside. I feel stares at me immediately like I would have been away for years. The guys are walking behind me like some guards. Now I get it. Everyone is looking at them. I just shrug it off and go to my locker.

''Um guys if you want to act normally this isn't normal,'' I say when I open my locker. ''Why? This is completely normal?'' Jimin asked.

''Well what would you say if you saw one girl with tree extra hot looking young men walking behind her like models?'' They looked each other. ''Well-'' Jungkook was cut by someone yelling at my name. I know this voice.

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