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A long time ago, there exists a princess but at the same time she was a village's priestess. She protected the village dearly. She often went to the nearby hill and sat under a big cherry blossom tree.

It was peaceful.

Well, maybe not that peaceful when some bandits often threatened their village, but the priestess had always managed to fend them off.

Then some weird people arrived and challenged the woman. The priestess won and had those people respect her.

This was the beginning of a story forgotten by many.

The story of the Sky that balanced the Sun and Moon.


Original Character:

Name: Karyuu Anise (A-NEE-S)

Age: 15 (Older than the rookies)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair color: White

Personality: Depends on who she talk to and her mood.

Parents: Unknown (deceased)

Guardian: Ifrit (missing)


Name: Ifrit (Dragon)

Age: More than a hundred years

Eye color: Gold

Personality: Considered as an uncaring one but had a soft spot for Anise because he considered her as his daughter.

Information: A dragon that the Karyuu's respect dearly. He took care of Anis as soon as he got her and lasted when he suddenly disappeared. Ifrit was never spotted again when the Karyuu massacre happened.


Name: Kuro (Ten Tails)

Age: More than a hundred years.

Eye color: White

Personality: a hot-headed tailed beast. Protective when it comes to Anise.

Information: Kuro was first found by the Sage of Six paths and Kaida when he was rampaging. He was first placed inside Kaida then was transferred to the second princess then to Anise.

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