TX007 - Berlin Ben's Big Night Out

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Female voice: All systems are currently on hold as we attempt repairs in order ...

[Organic shifting sounds]

Male voice: to bring you the best possible travel experience here at SubverCity Transmit. Please direct any questions to the information center, and please do keep off the tracks, we wouldn't want any accidents to occur. The wormhole below Platform 5...

[Organic shifting sounds]

Female voice: ...is barely visible, and we'd rather not lose any travelers or personal articles to the far...

[Organic shifting sounds]

Male voice: ...quadrant of the galaxy. While repairs continue, feel free to browse our matter­ fluid gift shop, and stop by the wine bar to sample our newly­ vinted

[Organic shifting sounds]

Female voice: ... desert harvest dessert wines and cloud­ grown artisan cheeses. Stay tuned for updates and travel armed and safely.



Goddamn! Ze's a regular Hermaphroditus - amIright?

Senori ...


How can I help you?


Can you schedule me a wine and cheese meet up with that one? I wanna discuss who ze's wearing.


Yes. Snack time.


I confess I have a weakness for bespoke fashion, usually of the long and flowy variety. Can I just take a moment to discuss this particular beauty on the display before me though? Ze's top to bottom in ombre shades of rose petal ruby with glassy blue buttons on zir double-breasted sleeveless vest. Zir skirt looks to be formulated from a hybrid of silk and fiberglass - it's undulating with a breeze but too perfectly to be organic. It's all a watercolor painting of twilight rain on a topside garden.

Every one of the TransAgents is encouraged to follow a theme of fluidity or movement in their attire. The only 'must have' is the station logo somehow incorporated into the outfit. The agent who made our announcement today is wearing it on a single silver shoulder pauldron. I just love that touch. I wonder what other colors it comes in.


Apple tangerine banana pear blueberry plum


OH! You've been doing your research too! Thanks!

Travelers and Citizens - If you find yourself near the SubverCity Harbour you should keep an eye out for the statue of Jaques Jules [Jack and Jill in French], our founder of the TransAgency.

You know what - I'm gonna read a quick little bio here for the interested. Senori can you pull that up?

[Beeping / Pulling Up Noise]

Great - thanks! [Clears throat]

Jaques Jules's story is a fantastic one that humbly begins during La Belle Époque when ze began life as the son of a Metro engineer and a can-can dancer. Growing up shuttling back and forth between the underground Art Nouveau stations and backstage at the cabaret led to an early interest in unique yet functional fashion. By the time World War I hit the young Jules' had already established a name for herself in cirque circles with her hand-sewn costumes known for being flexible, alluring and showy. With a new collection finished and danger on the rise, Jules' escaped with his father, mother, 23 completed outfits and a smattering of performers, dancers and salon types into the Metro tunnels where they found and followed a long forgotten track line into the SubverCity.

Today that district where they emerged and set up residence is still known as the Quartier du Beaux Artistes. (Sidenote everybody, this is where you can find the best boutique shops and cafes.)

Jules and her father immediately found work in the station itself where Jules would later establish the department of TransAgency - a sub-department that focuses on guest relations with friendliness, helpfulness and information.

Jules hand-picked and trained zir first gorgeous team of model residents which is where ze met Rikard Janes [Dick & Jane in Swedish] who was to later become zir life-mate. Today the TransAgency welcomes all genderfluid, gendermixed, agendered, transgenderd and nuetrois into their ranks (as long as they have a love and appreciation for androgynous fashion).

So you all, on that note, today's story, I've decided, is going to be about someone Jaques would have wanted to meet.

Without further adieu ...


Not. For. Kids.


[Berlin Ben's Big Night Out by Corrin Reyburn. In this episode's story a gentleman in Subterran known as "Berlin Ben" invents a gender disguise device and becomes "Berlin Bethany" for a few hours at night to go out dancing and flirting.]



In case you missed it, that was another story from the world of Subterran. There's a special going on right now if you want to take a little weekend trip there. It's two for the price of one but the catch is only one person gets to use it. You go there one gender and come back another.

If any gentlemen take up this offer and come back a little curvier, let's have lunch or something. I love Love LOVE doing fashion makeovers and totally love any chance to check out any new stuff in that French quarter and planning a new wardrobe for people.

I just took someone there actually... it was a lot of fun. Well I just hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

On another note there's been a bit of alarming news coming down here from the upper AdverCity. People not being able to use bathrooms. People being singled out for different hues of their skin. People advocating hatred. And then thankfully others advocating for peace. I tell you this citizens not because I want to alarm you but because I want to prepare us all for what I imagine to be a FABULOUS INFLUX OF NEW ARRIVALS!! I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to more new faces and celebrations and new Shipyard Sales. OK if you're from up there and you're hearing this message ... please know that you are so very welcome here no matter what you are or who you like to cuddle with. Also I like trinkets and warm caramel teas so if you have room in your pockets just look for the tall glass booth in the station and I'll be there when you arrive and... OK the caramel tea doesn't have to be warm when you get hear. You can just bring the little bags but you know... YOU GET THE IDEA.

Anyway toodles for now everyone. Until next time.

Oh you know actually... one more thing.

Everyone matters. But more than that... we are all MATTER. And as a wise, young, little gentleman once told me - "Don't fret. It's just a dream."



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