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Pen Your Pride

WARNING!: This chapter was written while the writer was sleep deprived, high on life, intoxicated on one raspberry cruiser, happy about spending the entire morning shopping around town with the real life Casper, buying an awesome ass black leather jacket and then going back to his house to watch youtube and tv. With the aid of three different coffees and lots of awesome music!

So don't sue if this chapter is a little... hectic!



Bowie's P.O.V

“I wonder what it would be like to be a fairy. You could fly around all day on your magic rainbow carpet when you want to give your magic rainbow wings a break. And you'd be best friends with a ladybug that would be totally into rock and roll! You could be in love with the Fairy Prince who is like such a babe, and go to great big fairy masquerade balls!

I'd tickle dogs if they tried to chase me, and shoot berries through my pipe at bullies who tried to kill my buggie friends. And when the King of the Fairies asks me to marry his son, I would gladly decline because I'm secretly in love with the fairy Mafia Lords son, who's a mega hottie! I mean who doesn't like a bad boy?

To conclude my task assignment; yes, I do believe in fairies!” I stated and then took a bow to the class. Ami and Mist clapped and cheered from the back of the room while the rest of the class just stared at me with wide eyes. What? Am I emitting that irresistible Bowie scent of love and mating again? OF COURSE I AM! But that's way besides the point here! Gosh, who do you think I am, Lord of Sex? Why yes, yes I am!

Man am I getting off topic!

“Thanks... Bowie... that was... very creative,” the teacher clapped awkwardly, rising and coming towards me warily. “You are aware that the point of the assignment was to pick a more... realistic belief to write an essay on right?” she asked me, looking over her glasses up at me. I gasped and my jaw dropped to the floor.

“Miss, are you trying to insinuate that fairies aren't realistic?” I gapped at her, totally astounded. She blinked and patted my arm.

“You may take a seat,” she said, “Next we'll have..” She rattled on, but I stopped listening as I trudged back to my seat between Ami and Mist and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Apparently teachers think fairies don't exist,” I huff/sulked to my friends.

“What gave you that impression?” Mist chuckled cheekily. I raised an eyebrow at him while Ami giggled and took my sheet of paper to read it over.

“Well I think you made a very valid point,” she smirked and handed it back.

“I just hope Peter Pan doesn't hear her say that, or he'll feed her to the crocodile,” I pouted and looked up at the ceiling, completely ignoring the next person who'd gotten up to read their work to the class.

“You do know he isn't real right?” Mist clarified. I lashed out and smacked him in the arm, which only resulted in him smacking me back twice as hard. I rubbed my arm and glared at him.

“Say such disgusting things in my presence again and I'll disown you,” I said to him darkly, emitting an aura of death and sex.

“You love me,” he chuckled, pretending like I wasn't giving him the evils. I turned to Ami for back up, but she shrugged. What is this? I felt like a kid who's just been told Santa Claus doesn't exist prematurely. And trust me, I wasn't one for any prematureness!

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