Chapter 1

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New Beginnings

Harry Potter + Justice League Crossover

Iris Lily Potter has divorced her husband after finding him cheating on her with her best friend, well ex-best friend. Having custody of their children and her godson, she has a family blood test done one day, and it comes to find out, she has a cousin, by the name of... (RW HG Bashing!) FemHarry

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Chapter 1

"Griphook, I would like to do a family blood test today and an inheritance test and also to remove Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley from gaining access to any vaults that are under my control." Iris Potter said, sitting in front of the goblin. Her children were currently being watched over by Andromeda Tonks as Iris conducted business.

Griphook nodded, bringing out two heavy, blank pieces of paper. "I'll need three drops of blood on each paper, Lady Potter."

The twenty-one year old savior of the Wizarding World took the small knife that Griphook handed to her and let the drops of blood fall onto one paper and then the other. The papers began to glow.

"It will take about ten minutes for both the blood test and inheritance test to be completed. I just need you to this saying that you ordered for Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley to be locked out from your vaults and to be removed from your will. I must warn you, the quill is a blood quill." Griphook said, bringing out another piece of paper that had her orders written out already. Griphook had signed his part, all she need to do was sign her's. She did so with a flourish, barely noticing the sting when the cut from her writing her name appeared on the back of her hand. Griphook took the contract back and called for another goblin whom came in and said that everything would be done and processed within the hour.

"Ah! Looks like the inheritance test is done, Lady Potter." Griphook couldn't help but be curious to see what the Lady of the Ancient House of Potter had inherited but reigned it in and watched as Lady Potter read over the list.

Inheritance Test

Name: Iris Potter

Parents: James Potter & Lily Potter-Evans

Godfather: Sirius Black

Godmother: Alice Longbottom

Inheritance - Ladyships

Potter - By Birth

Black - By Inheritance

Slytherin - By Conquest

Gryffindor - By Birth

Peverell - By Birth

Le Fey - By Birth

Merlin - By Magic

Iris stared wide eyed at the Ladyships that she had. She had only known about two of them. The others, she had no idea. She looked up and handed the paper to the goblin and watched with slight amusement as Griphook turned stiff with shock.

"My Lady, would you allow me to give this to Ragnak the Head of Gringotts? He is the goblin that is in control of the Le Fey, Merlin, Slytherin, and Gryffindor vaults."

"Of course. Just make sure it stays between the three of us."

"I will personally bring his to him after our business is concluded."


"Oh, and it looks like the blood test is done, My Lady. Remember, black means that they are dead, red means they are alive."

Iris took that paper and hoped that she wouldn't get shocked with this as she had with the Inheritance test.

Teddy Lupin (godson), James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, & Lily Luna Potter —> Iris Lily Potter —> James Potter & Lily Potter-Evans —> Charlus Potter & Dorea Potter-Black —> Henry Potter & Jana Gryffindor —> Hardwin Potter & Iolanthe Peverell —> Ignotus Peverell & Morgana Le Fey

The blood test also began to list all the Blacks, Malfoys, and Longbottoms and Prewitts that she was related to, no matter how distant, but her attention was focused on the family line that she came from through the Potter name. She then began to think that it was done when another line took off from Charlus Potter and Dorea Black, her grandparents, to a name that had appeared next to her father's: Thomas Wayne. And then underneath Thomas's name was a name that stood out from the black that filled the family tree: Bruce Wayne.

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