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Mila's first day at the aquarium was on the third of January, twenty-sixteen.
Harry had been busy at Hunt Records since the very first day of the year. Axl Sig, the recording artist with the rediculous amount of hair, was currently working on his second single, after releasing a rather successful first under Hunt Records.
Mila had secretly been hoping that Louis would be the one who would train her, but unfortunately, a thirty-year-old guy named Chadwick who put a bit too much gel in his hair was the one assigned to train her.
She was required to wear a baby blue polo shirt, along with a name tag right above her right breast with her name embroided upon it in gold lettering.

Chadwick had a squeaky voice, high-pitched like Louis', but his was annoying. His jeans were ripped at the knees, but it was obvious that he hadn't bought them that way.

"So," He began, showing Mila around the receptionist desk. "Why'd you apply here? Have you always liked aquariums?" He squeaked.

"Yeah." Mila awkwardly replied.
"Fish are pretty cool."

"Any of them frighten you? Squid? Stingrays? Sharks?"

Her stomach churned at the mention of sharks. The same shark that tore apart Louis' leg swam freely in the shark exhibit two buildings over.

"One of our managers fell into a shark tank a few months back." Chadwick began.
"Frightened a couple paying customers. The fucker still works here though, imagine that."

Mila wanted to shout at him, tell him that Louis was his roommate and how much he adored his job, and that's why he still worked here. Instead, she remained silent.

"You'll be working the front desk. When you get more familiar with the exhibits, Anthony will interview you for tour guide positions." He revealed. "Anthony's the General Manager. Our supervisor is named Louis Tomlinson, he's probably the kid who hired you."

"Yeah. He is."

"Well, the front desk is really pretty simple. You're in charge of tickets. The register is straight forward—All of the prices are pre-calculated, so you just select adult, child, senior, that kind of stuff. The computer has all of the information you need, especially all of the showtimes. All employees are required to wear a head set, so if you need to communicate with anyone, including supervisors, just speak into the microphone." Chadwick explained. "Any questions?"

"No, sir." If she happened to have any, she'd go to Louis before asking Chadwick anyways.

"Great. You'll be working front desk with a girl named Alecia. She's nice, and young like you."

"I'm not that young. I'm twenty-two." Mila said.

"Anything less than thirty is young, girl." He chuckled. "Don't hesitate to holler if you need anything."
Lucky for Mila (more like unlucky), Alecia worked with Clinton for several months before coming to work at the aquarium. Even more unlucky, she worked with him at the time that he cheated on Mila with that whore Alexus.
"No way," Alecia gushed, her golden eyes widening. "You're the girl Clint cheated on? He cried for three weeks straight at work. Almost got fired for it."

"Cool?" Mila grew more and more uncomfortable by the minute. She didn't get the job at this aquarium to hear about her fucking ex-boyfriend...

"Are you going to try and work it out with him?" Alecia pressed. Before Mila could reply, a woman and her kid daughter approached the desk, requesting tickets for the dolphin show. With a fake smile, Mila processed the transaction and handed the woman their tickets.

"No." Was all she said. Alecia didn't bring up Clinton again for the rest of the day.


Harry failed to return from the studio until nearly midnight, leaving Louis and Mila alone at the flat to watch Netflix and eat cheesy noodles.

"How was your first day? I only saw you in passing on my way to the dolphin exhibit." Louis wondered, shoveling noodles into his mouth.

"It was alright. My desk mate, her names Alecia, has like an obsession with Clinton Elroy."

Louis' expression faultered at her words. "Alecia Waters? How does she know Elroy?"

"I guess she worked with him at the time we broke up." Mila shrugged. "She even had the fucking nerve to ask me if I'd take him back. Must not know the full story."

"Highly doubt it. Alecia Waters is a bit daft, if I'm being entirely honest. Swear I lose brain cells talkin' to her." Louis replied, earning a giggle from Mila.

"I'm glad you're working at the aquarium. I hope you enjoy it." He added.

"As long as Alecia doesn't keep up about Clinton, I think I will."
Harry crawled into bed around two in the morning, his clothing thrown astray into the floor, leaving him in nothing but boxers. Mila stirred awake at the feeling of his warm skin against hers.
"Harry?" She moaned, her voice laced with sleep as he pressed a kiss to her temple.
"Go back to sleep." He ordered. Mila obliged, turning onto her opposite side so that she could curl into his chest and fall into a peaceful sleep.
Louis woke Harry up the following morning at eight, requesting that he make them strawberry pancakes and sausage links.
"Make them yourself." Harry grumbled, burrying his head into the pillows as sunlight poured through the sheer, white curtains. Mila lay fast asleep, her body contorted at an odd, uncomfortable looking angle as she lightly snored, mouth wide open.
"Mate, you know I'm shit at making pancakes. Please?" Louis pleaded, continually shaking him.
"Jesus, Lou." Harry sighed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he removed himself from the bed. He stole a glance at Mila, who lay peacefully asleep where he laid only moments ago.
"C'mon." Louis urged, his stomach growling rather loudly in hunger.
"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Harry whimpered, unable to take his gaze off of the woman he loved.

"Yeah." Louis casually agreed, although his true response would've been a bit more than casual.

Freya Styles arrived around noon, pushing a green tinted stroller through the front door of the flat, along with a giant smile on her face.
"Freya!" Mila cheered, welcoming Harry's sister into the apartment. "Is this little Oliver?"
"Justin now," Freya smiled.
"Fits in perfectly. Bryan and I are over the moon." She mused, parking the stroller in the corner of the room and removing the several month old child from his seat. "Harry, want to meet your nephew?" She cheered. Justin's eyes blinked several times as he awoke from his slumber, his gaze meeting Harry's from his new mothers arms.

The moment Justin's eyes met Harry's, the world seemed to stop spinning altogether. Even though he'd already met him, thanks to Bexley, this meeting was quite different. This time, Harry was meeting the infant as his nephew, as his family.

"He's beautiful, Frey." Harry gushed, biting down on his bottom lip.

"Hold him?" Freya offered, outstretching her arms so that Harry could hold the two and a half month old.

He slowly took him from her grasp, cuddling the small child close to his chest as he choked back tears. Even though Justin wasn't his biological nephew, he was still his nephew.

"Uncle Hazzie." Freya smirked, her eyes sparkling with joy at the sight of her baby brother holding her son.

Mila's heart fluttered at the sight. Who knew that Harry holding a baby would be the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. How perfect would it be when he holds their babies?

Their babies. Christ, Mila.

"He's perfect." Harry blushed.
"Hi, Justin. I'm your Uncle Harry, and I love you."

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