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*The picture of the queen is above 


Everything was burning, fire, fire, FIRE! 

The sound of people wailing and screaming in agony. Mother, Father...

"Please take my child..."

"the blood of this kingdom must live!" 


The maid took the child and ran out of the kingdom. She had nothing but a few hairpins that adorned her head of raven black hair. She ran.

*Picture of the queen's most trusted maid

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*Picture of the queen's most trusted maid

Meanwhile, the Queen of  Dong ran back to her husband, picked up a sword and charged.

She stab each of the soldier's from the rebelling side. 

"I may not get to see the sun rise anymore, but at least I can be with you" say the queen.

"You are my one only love, I will fight to the end" say the king.


"Your majesty!!" screamed the queen.

Her voice echo through the kingdom covered in red blood that dripped from the soldier's sword. The kingdom was engulfed in the burning hot flame. 

She brought her sword closed to her neck. In one light pull, the blade cut her neck. 

She walked to the king's corpse and fell down next to him. Her hand holding his. 

One last teardrop fell from her cheek.

"I will forever be by your side..." she spoke with her last breath. 

From afar the maid looked back.

"The kingdom look like a pit of lava that had swallow all the souls that lived in that tragic place."


"Do not cry my dear, I will give you a new life, a new name, a new home" whisper the maid. 

"Your name from now on will be Thuyet Lin." 

"Your first name, Thuyet, means snow..."

"I hope you will be pure like the snow" she spoke in a hushed voice.

"Lin will be your surname."

"It is your mother's name, take out the -y"

"I hope you can still carry out your mother's honor" she tried to talk between her tears. 

Then she smiled and kept running. 

Her voice was soothing, I calmed. 

*14 years later  

(Her foster mother is the maid)

"MOM!!!!" I screamed while running in to our small cozy house.

Mother had married father who is a well known merchant and she used her pottery skills to make pots. 

"Hushed! A lady should never run in the house and raise her voice" she lectured me.

I gave her a bright smile and looked at father. 

"Sheesh, I do not have a single idea where you got your attitude from" she complained.

As she rubbed her temples, I turned to father.

"Father, I want to learn martial arts" I requested. 

Mother and Father froze. 

" Sweetie, I love you, but that is out of the question" his tone was demanding but alsoo comforting. 

"Whyyyy..." I whined.

"All the maiden in this country are learning how to sew, cook, and many other lady traits" mother said.

"But we never made you learned those things because we want you to be happy, but this is way to much" father butted in.

" A maiden may never learn martial arts" mother said sternly.

"I want to be warrior, not a maiden" I argued.  

"No!" mother yelled.

Her voice was strong and filled with determination. She rarely ever yelled at me, but when she does; it hurts.

A tear rolled down my cheek and I ran to my room.

I weep quietly in the dark room. My tears were hot and my eyes were red.


"Dear, that was a little too harsh, don't you think?" father questioned.

"She is already fourteen now, she must grow up" mother replied.

"Dear, we can let her learn a little bit of sword technique to protect herself" father pleaded.

"Alright, I will let her have two months to learn"

"anything that she learn in that two months will be all the martial arts she know, agreed?" mother stated with a more commanding tone than a compromising one. 

* Thuyet Lin at age 14

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* Thuyet Lin at age 14

Author's Note

I hope you like this story. Thank you so much for supporting me and I understand that my English skills are quite bad, but I still hope that you enjoy this. 

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