Chapter Nineteen: Keary

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Curses. That young soldier had called for reinforcement. Luckily, I had my own reinforcement. I lunged at them, which succeeded in putting them back a few steps, then I stuck my head near the window and whistled a shrill call. A screech answered, and a black silhouette appeared against the moon. I turned my attention back to the fight, but not before I received a blow to my head. I cursed and was only just in time to block their blows. My knife, though a foot long in length, was no match for swords in the long-term.

But then, of a sudden, a winged creature sped through the window and straight into the young soldier's face. Thus distracted, I was able to land a blow to his head hard enough to knock him out. But I still had two others to deal with.

Suddenly, the tip of a blade appeared through the front of one of the soldier's chest. I was able to finish of the other one.

"Thanks," I said to Fay, who yanked her knife from the dead soldier's back..

"No problem," she replied.

"Any sign of the ring?" I asked.


"Not even down in dungeons?" I asked, incredulous.

"I wasn't able to get down there. The alarm was raised too fast."

"I know," I sighed in frustration.

At that moment, a girl appeared in the doorway. I recognized her as princess Adira. She could prove useful. The girl immediately backed off when she saw the hallway's occupants. She gasped when she saw the dead and unconscious men on the ground, and withdrew a knife from a hidden sheath. She apparently realized that she was no match for us, however, and ran down the corridor.

"Get her," I said to Fay.

"Your wish is my command," she smirked, and started sprinting down the hallway after her.

I joined in the pursuit, and despite the princess knowing the castle better, Fay and I were faster, and we soon caught up with her. Fay reached her first and tripped the princess. By the time I caught up, Fay had a knife to Adira's neck, and the princess's knife lay on the ground. Adira wore a look of fear, yet determination on her face. She suddenly and unexpectedly jabbed her elbow hard, right into Fay's torso. The princess broke loose, but I quickly grabbed her, yanked her back, and slapped her across the face. She tensed up, then went limp.

"I admire your courage, princess, and you'd better hold onto it. You might need it in the days to come." I whispered in her ear as Derek flew up from behind and landed on my shoulder.

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Keary - GadSul

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