Chrollo Lucilfer

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You were in big trouble. A really big trouble. How and why? Let's have a little flashback.


You were just waiting for the auction to start. It was taking too long and you were starting to grow impatient. From your bag, you pulled out your favorite book and read it again. Books were like your friends. To you, books have helped open your imagination. It also helped you learn new things and know different things.

You happily hummed as you flipped through the pages, reading with a smile on your face.

Then, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You gasped a little, and turned to see who it was. You stared and gaped at the person. My, oh my, was he gorgeous.

"Hello there, miss. I see you like books, too. I'm Chrollo. Chrollo Lucilfer." He introduced himself and stretched a hand towards you.

You blushed slightly, took his hand, and shook it. "Its nice to meet you, Chrollo." You gave him a smile and let him sit beside you. He thanked you and sat down.

"What about you? What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Y/N. Y/N L/N."

"That's a wonderful name." He smiled, making your heart skip a beat.

'Oh my goodness, he's so handsome!' You thought to yourself.

You started to share some books that you have read and shared some of your favorite authors. You were so into the converstaion, then suddenly, something, or maybe someone, hit you on the neck. Your vision started to blur.

'What the heck?!' You thought and tried to scream for help, but no words came out.

"Ack..." Was all that came out before your vision faded.


And now, here you are. Your whole body was wrapped with ropes. You were inside an abandoned building, trying your best to not panic.

In front of you was a single candle that illuminated a person's back. As you observed, this person was wearing a coat or something, and his hair was slicked back.

'Who is he?' You asked yourself.

You cleared your throat and shakily asked the person whose back was facing you.

"E-Excuse me? Person in front of me?" You mentally slapped yourself for saying something stupid.

"Ah, I see you're awake now." A very refreshing voice said. It probably belonged to the person in front of you.

"Wait a minute.." You mumbled to yourself. The voice was very familiar to you. You've heard it somewhere. But when was it?

Suddenly, he chuckled. "You should already know me by now. I mean, we actually met each other. You even know my name, and I know yours."

"Whaaaat?" You were confused and somehow dumbfounded. "Have I met you?"

"Of course you've met me, Y/n." He replied. You gasped and tried to ask him again but then he slowly turned his body in order to face you. As his face was visible enough for you to see, you sat there, shocked.

"Ch-Chrollo?!" You croaked.

"Hello, Y/n. I'm sorry for knocking you unconscious." He said and gave you a warm smile. You gulped as you realized that he was the boss of the most wanted criminals, Phantom Troupe.

'Well, I'm dead. Goodbye world.' You frowned at the thought of you dying a painful death.

"When am I... Going to die?" You asked as tears started to form in your eyes.

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