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A/N So this story has almost 8k reads. Maybe it's the plot or the fact that PJO and HoO is so popular. But I'm shocked that there's been so much attention to this story. I was rereading a couple of chapters and my writing is awful. I might edit but only if I can find the time (I'm sorry). Anyway, Willa123456789 requested that I write a scene where the Seven find out what happened to Percy. So...... I'll try. Just a heads up, this story line is completely different from the original and I came up with it while writing this so bear with me. But I've never seen a storyline like this so hopefully it's okay. It won't compare to the original, though. I hope you like it and thank you for the support. Shout out to galaxyfangirl13 especially for being so supportive. Check out her stories guys, they're really amazing. Oh and Rick Riordan owns PJO and HoO. Okay, on with the story.

3rd person:

It's been a year.

A whole year since they fell.

  The Seven had chosen to stay at Camp Half Blood so that they could be there.... if something happened.

  The nightmares still came. So did the flashbacks. But, they've been better. The couple could live now, and not be haunted every second of every day.

  The morning of the date, the air was thick and gloomy. Almost as if the gods themselves were remembering.

Neither Percy nor Annabeth came to breakfast.

  The Seven sat at their respective tables. Leo was nervously rapping his fingers and was constantly looking for the pair. Frank and Hazel were exchanging worried looks. Piper was trying to up her cabin's morales (their number one couple was suffering, of course they were a bit out of it). And Jason sat alone at his table (seeing as Thalia couldn't come, no matter how much begging she did) as he stared at his food, not having much of an appetite.

  The campers were unusually quiet. They're was very little chatter. And when they gave their offerings, you could hear the murmurs of requests to help their heroes.

And though nobody spoke it aloud, they were all waiting for the scream to sound. The horrible, blood curdling scream that indicated a nightmare so vivid it was as if they were back in hell.

But it never came.

Because what they didn't know, was that Percy and Annabeth didn't sleep at all. They stayed awake all night, holding each other as if their lives depended on it; fighting the flashbacks that threatened them.

  Half of the couple was in good enough shape to eat something.

  Annabeth made an appearance just before breakfast ended.

  Even from afar, every camper noticed the bags under her eyes and the gaunt look to her face. Her hair was messy and they could tell she didn't put much effort into her appearance.

  She sat down at her table silently. When Chiron caught her eye with a questioning gaze, she simply shook her head.

  No, Percy Jackson would not be making an appearance.

  Meanwhile, said hero sat on his bed, shaking with his knees to his chest. He selfishly wishes he didn't make Annabeth go eat something.

  The images pulled at his head and were looming in the corners of the the room. His eyes were blood shot as he tried desperately not to blink.

  We were doing so well, he thought. This hasn't happened this bad in months.

   Soon, there was a silent mantra in his head, make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop.

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