13. Caught...red-handed

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13. Caught...red-handed

"Ugh." I groaned for the second time in a row. Why does she keep calling me? "What did you say to her anyway?"
"Me?" She pretended to be innocent. "Don't worry, I didn't say anything to your little girlfriend. Even when she attacked me I kept it classy."
"Then why does she keep calling?"
"I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact you didn't go home and tried to give her a stupid explanation as to why you didn't? And let's not talk about the other woman who answered your phone in the midst of you getting head. Did I leave out anything?"
"Whatever, just answer it."
"Am I back to taking your calls now?" I didn't answer and she took the phone just as I turned into the company's parking lot.

"Marc Paxton's phone."
"Who is this?"
"Excuse me?"
"I said who the fuck is this? Why are you answering my man's phone?" Natalía bit down on her tongue to keep her temper from exploding. "This is Natalía Accosi, his public relations officer. Mr. Paxton is in a meeting at the moment. Would you like me to take a message?"
"No." Well that was rude.

"You know, you should really get a more appropriate girlfriend."
"I already have an appropriate girlfriend right here."
"Yeah...keep telling yourself that."

The rest of the morning was pretty much peaceful. I caught up on work and started organizing some investments I've been looking into. I even brought up the topic of a possible merger. "Have you thought about getting an investor for Accosi's International Concept? One in America I mean."
"Why? I can more than fund the company."
"I think it would be good for your business here."
"It's not that I haven't thought about it. I'm just not very trusting of you Americans. I'd have to ask Antonio about the best possible investor here. I'm actually thinking of having a head branch here and not just stores."
"That's a good idea. You should partner with me."
"Because my name alone will give you the support and recognition you need."
"I'll think about it."
"I'll be a silent partner and just invest. Everything will still be up to you. I won't interfere with your business."
"You'll just pocket all the profits." I shrugged. "It is business after all."
"Draft a proposal and present to me. I'll discuss it with the department heads."
"Why them?"
"Because I respect my workers and like hearing their opinions. Their lives will be affected as well. In the end it's still my decision, but I'd like to hear what they have to say."
"Okay." That's all I could ask for I guess.

"Don't forget that you still haven't put together the welcome party for the new employees. It has been a week."
"That's right! I forgot. I'll have the planning committee deal with it. Hopefully everyone is free this Saturday." Our conversation ended there and we both got back to work. Because I was so engrossed in my work, I ended up missing lunch again.

"You know you should really take better care of yourself. Missing lunch isn't healthy."
"I had a big breakfast. I'll be fine."
"Well I'm hungry so let's go eat." How could I say no when she was standing there looking so delicious in her little skirt and pumps which were way too high to be considered appropriate for work. Her legs went on for miles and I could see now why she was a model. My thought moved from food to dessert instantly. But unfortunately for me, food came first for Natalía. So I had to feed her before I could do anything else to her.

"How can you not like seafood?" She frowned. "I just don't."
"At least try it before you write it off completely."
"No, I'm not ordering something just to try it."
"Try some of mine. The smoked salmon is good."
"I'm perfectly fine with my delicious steak." I held out my fork. "Just one bite...for me?" I gave her my award winning smile. That usually works. "Fine, I'll try. But it's not because I want to. It's because you're annoying and I know you won't give up until I do." That was fine. I'll take whatever I could get. I was surprised she didn't take the fork from me and fed herself, but allowed me to feed it to her. "How is it?"
"Not horrible, but I still prefer my steak." I laughed and she gave me a small genuine smile. Progress, I thought to myself.

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