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Chimchim with pink hair *le dies*


I woke up in Yoongi's arms. He wasn't wearing a shirt but he still felt warm so I hugged him back knowing he's in a deep sleep and wouldn't notice. It was cold outside and I didn't want to get out but I felt hungry so I sneaked out of Yoongi's arms.

I washed up and opened the door which was surprisingly unlocked. I looked back at Yoongi who was still in a deep sleep. He must've come back very late. I walked downstairs and came face to face with Hara. She sang a good morning and I smiled at her cheerful attitude.

I went into the kitchen with her and we made ourselves some breakfast. "I heard what happened at the meeting last night" Hara said and I nodded my head. "Did Yoongi hurt you? He seemed really pissed" She asked in worry.

"No he didn't. He went for a walk to get a breath of fresh air" I replied.

"That's good" She said. "Hey, if Yoongi doesn't mind, maybe we should have a girl's day out and get to know eachother" She suggested and I nodded my head excitedly. But soon my smile turned into a frown.

"Yoongi wouldn't allow it though" I sighed sadly. Suddenly Mijoo stepped into the kitchen yawning. She looked like she had just woken up with her freshly washed face and messy bun. Hara and I waved at her. "Hello there. I haven't seen you in ages" I spoke in sarcasm and she smiled.

"Neither have I" She said and came to hug me. I hugged back and watched as she pulled away to get herself a glass of water.

"Mijoo could join us!" Hara exclaimed excitedly.

"Join what?" Mijoo asked clueless.

"A girl's day out. And we could even go shopping!" She started planning things excitedly "and don't you worry Hyemi. I'll take care of that over-possessive fellow you share your bed with" Even though she meant it in a different way, I blushed at the sound of it.

"Sure. I need new clothes anyway" Mijoo said looking at her jeans and Jimin's large shirt.

"Hey, do you know where that Japanese girl is staying?" I asked suddenly, worried that she might be getting bad treatment as she was kidnapped as a hostess for the enemy. I do remember Namjoon saying that she was his mate which means he's probably treating her right. I've figured out that mates are their 'girls' or soulmates; not that I'm Yoongi's soulmate! He's probably mistaken. Plus how the hell do they know who their soulmate is? You can't just spot them by looking at them! You have to fall in love and live with them forever to know that they are your soul mate. At least that's what humans do.

"She's probably trapped in Namjoon's room" Hara said.

"Wait... what Japanese girl?" Mijoo asked joining us on the table with a cup of coffee in her hand. I saw Taehyung enter the kitchen with bed hair. He looked at us, smiled, and mumbled a 'good morning' then went to the fridge to get a glass of water.

"Akamatsu's daughter from what I've heard" I spoke not really knowing much.

"Ah, her name is Kaori" Taehyung said taking a seat beside Hara and stealing some of her food earning a smack on the head.

"Can noona make me breakfast?" He said looking at Mijoo with puppy dog eyes.

"Make your own" Hara said and pushed him towards the stove. He groaned and pretended that his legs weren't working, stumbling and moving them around.

"I'm disabled" He spoke in an old man's voice causing me to chuckle. He smiled at me and finally Mijoo got up saying that she'll make him some since she wants to make some for herself as well.

"So it's decided then? We're going out" Hara squealed.


Yoongi was still asleep when I went upstairs to the bedroom. Hara was standing at the door, not wanting to invade privacy. She said it'd be a bad idea to not tell him that I'm going out so here we were trying to get his permission. Psh, like he owns me or something.

I shook Yoongi's shoulder and whispered "Yoongi wake up"

He moved around a bit and covered his eyes with his arm. "What?" he groaned. I looked at Hara signalling her to speak.

"Yoongi! I'm taking Hyemi out" She said loud enough for him to hear. This caused him to sit up swiftly and look at me then at Hara.

"No" He stated simply.

"But Mijoo is going as well" I tried to persuade him but he just shook his head.

"Please Yoongi! Just this once" Hara spoke in a cute voice causing me to cringe inwardly and send her a glare. She only smiled innocently at me.

He made a face of disgust and lay back down covering his face with the blanket. "I said no"

"I promise I won't run away" I said helplessly "Please" I tried doing the cute voice like Hara but it only made me want to puke, however his reaction was different. Even though I couldn't see his face I could tell that he liked it.

"Take Jungkook with you" Yoongi said from under the blankets. I looked at Hara in shock and she smiled excitedly. I can't believe he just said that. It's probably because he's still half asleep.

"Okay" I jumped excitedly and followed Hara outside who had already gone to Mijoo, to give her the news. But before I could leave I heard Yoongi call my name.

I turned to look at him and saw him signalling me to go to him. I walked towards him and as soon as I was near enough, he pulled me down and kissed me. It was only a peck but sent butterflies to my stomach.

"Don't leave me" He said in his husky morning voice.

Without replying I walked out of the room with a smile. Mijoo seemed ready and Hara was talking to Jungkook about what Yoongi said. He nodded his head and said that he'll drive us to the mall. Apparently Tae was coming with us as well since Jimin was unsure of letting Mijoo go alone. But he seemed to trust her enough.

And so after a week, I breathed in the fresh air of freedom and for the first time, rode on a BMW.

And so after a week, I breathed in the fresh air of freedom and for the first time, rode on a BMW

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