✯ | chapter three

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AS SOON AS Octavia released the victorious cry, the rest of the prisoners surged forwards, pushing and shoving to get off of the drop-ship and onto the ground, each one wanting to beat their friends and claim the terrain as their own. As they charged past Leila, she stumbled and was about to lose her footing when an arm reached through the crowd and grabbed her by the upper arm, steadying her.

"Easy there, Sunshine," Bellamy smirked, eyes wandering over Leila's body in an appreciative manner.

"Back off, Blake," Leila scoffed, wrenching her arm free from Bellamy's grip before stalking off of the drop-ship.

She heist acted at the edge of the drop-ship ramp. After so many years of dreaming about the Earth – the way it looked and smelled – she was finally here. Taking a cautiously slow breath, she exhaled and let her feet slip from the metal and into the dirt.

When her feet touched the ground, she smiled. After ninety-seven years in space, the first people to successfully land back on Earth were a hundred prisoners, plus Bellamy. Nothing could be more bittersweet. It felt almost nostalgic, although she had never been on the ground prior to this, so she couldn't very well call it that.

Looking around, Leila took in the overall amount of greenery around her, breathing in the fresh, cool air. For the first time since being arrested, she felt free to do whatever she wanted. Wandering away from the drop-ship, she noticed how every step she took resulted in a rustle of leaves or the snap of a twig underfoot.

Trees surrounded her for miles in every direction, green and thriving. Leila's fingers skimmed the bark of the tree closest to her and marvelled at the rough outer shell of the trunk.

"Happy to be here, Sunshine?" asked a calm voice.

Leila turned to see Bellamy Blake leaning against a tree, arms folded with a smirk plastered on his face. Mirroring him in that she folded her arms across her chest, her smile fell. "I'm happy to be away from that stupid prison cell."

"Me too," Bellamy smiled. "I didn't catch your name."

"Because I didn't throw it," Leila sassed bluntly.

"I guess I'll just have to keep calling you Sunshine," Bellamy said. "What a shame."

Leila could tell from his tone that he didn't find that to be a bad thing; instead, it sounded like he was more pleased. Turning on her heel, she walked back in the direction that she had come, finding Clarke standing by the ramp of the drop-ship, a map and compass in hand.

"What are you doing?" Leila asked, looking over Clarke's shoulder at the map.

"We're on the wrong damn mountain," Clarke replied in a mutter. "I'm trying to work out how long it should take to get to Mount Weather and back."

"Great," Leila nodded, as Clarke picked up a ruler and charcoal.

"We got problems," Wells announced, appearing behind Leila. "The communication system is dead. I went to the roof. A dozen panels are missing. Heat fried the wires."

"Well, all that matters right now is getting to Mount Weather," Clarke replied, looking down at the map. "See. Look," pointing at a specific point on the map, she held the ruler against it. "This is us," drawing a line with charcoal, she stopped and pointed at another point, connecting the two dots with a lint. "This is where we need to get to if we wanna survive."

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