Megan’s P.O.V.

                I took in a deep breath and started to explain, “So when I was five a little boy called Kyle moved next door to me and we immediately became the best of friends.” I smiled slightly remembering him marching over to our door knocking on it and saying ‘I saw your little girl out in the yard playing this morning and I want her to be my friend. Where is she?’ He was a very spunky child, “All throughout my life he was my rock, he was there for me when my grandparents died when I was 8 and 11, or when my mom ran away when I was 13, and when my sister started doing drugs. Always there for me, no matter how crazy things got.

                “Around the end of 8th grade we realized the feelings we had for each other were more than just friends. We started going out and everything was perfect. I always felt so safe around him like no matter what happened it couldn’t be too bad as long he was there for me. I felt so loved and confident and beautiful around him. Exactly a year and a day ago he brought me to the beach, our spot, and he got down on one knee and made me promise that I would marry him one day. Of course I agreed,” I said while reaching up to touch my necklace. I felt an overwhelming amount of grief wash over me. I tried to get more words out but I couldn’t seem to.

                “Oh is that what the ring is?” Harry asked. I nodded.

                “Well are you still together?” Zayn ask curiously.

                “Did he cheat on you? Because if he did then he is getting his ass whooped because even though I’ve only known you for an hour I can already tell you’re an amazing girl and that you really did love him, And if that douche bag broke your hea-“ Louis started.

                “He died. He got in a car crash on his way home from my house the next day,” I said finding my voice again. “It was horrible. I felt as if it was my fault. I pushed everyone away and Melissa was the only one who stuck with me.”

                “Oh Megan I’m sorry,” Louis whispered. “I didn’t know.”

                “Its alright Louis there was no way you could’ve known.” I said

                “Still I feel horrible that I was just so insensitive,” Louis said sadness written all over his face.

               "It's fine. But tonight on stage when you sang 'What Makes You Beautiful' it brough back so many memories. He would always sing that to me. I'm not the most confident person and he hated that. So he sang that to me so often that when you sang that to me... Especially today it brought back so many memories that all the tears I've been holding back just came out."

                "Oh, I'm sorry..." Liam said.

                 "Oh no! Don't feel bad... It's not your fault!" I exclaimed before they could start to feel guilty.

                "Still if we would've know we would have never sang that to you!" Louis said still looking guilty.

              "So what did I miss?" Melissa said barging in before I could respond.


Sorry it's kinda short... But it explains alot! I'll try to upload soon... And if you have any ideas just let me know!

Love, Anderson  xx

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